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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rise and Shine --- Different worlds

Good Morning and welcome to reality!

You know, there really are two different worlds out there. One has normal people and the other has people who don't know what it's like to be 'normal.'
Here on the normal side, we work (and work and sometimes work some more) to try to keep ahead of our bills and still make life livable.
Those in the other world (OK, those with tons of money), have no trouble just doing whatever they want. Others don't matter.
Feel too much pressure? Just hop on a plane and chill out by the Mediterranean.
Feeling a little down? Jet off to Africa and adopt a child.
Put your company into bankruptcy? Give yourself a bonus?
Well, at least on this side we can smile:

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Rise and Shine ---- More weekend, please!

Good Morning and why won't that snooze just turn off!!

Well, that was certainly an interesting weekend.
Let's see, it started out with a trip to Adventure Aquarium and ended with, well, what looked like the end of the world.
In between, there was an improbable Villanova basketball victory, a beautiful weather weekend that sent everybody outside without jackets by Sunday afternoon, an improbable Tiger comeback and marble-sized hail banging on our heads.
On the whole, though, it was way too short. For some reason, that seems to be the way in our times.
It seems like you just get done work Friday, then have to hear the alarm ringing Monday morning. In between becomes a blur. We go from here to there to here to there.
You wake up one morning, figure you have a lot of time to enjoy anything, then, boom, it's time to go back to work.
Now, I'm not complaining here. In a world where companies are cutting jobs like preschoolers do construction paper, it's good to have a job.
It just seems, there's never any time to do anything.
Then again, maybe the spring will finally get here this week.
By the way, don't think time is flying, remember this:

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Rise and Shine --- Blast from the past

Good Morning and welcome to the weekend!

So, we have Pitt against Villanova Saturday playing for a chance to reach the Final Four.
Talk about memories. There is a lot of history between these programs, some not so nice.
For instance, in the final game of the 1985 regular season (That was the year Villanova won the title), Pitt blew out the Wildcats, possibly setting up the impossible run.
A few years later, the Panthers and Wildcats were involved in a couple of nasty recruiting wars.
First up was Doug West. His career hadn't even started on the Main Line when he told a reporter a Pitt booster offered him cash to switch to Pittsburgh. I was in the arena when Villanova and West made their first visit to Pittsburgh. Let's just say it was ugly.
Then came Bobby Martin. The all-everything from Atlantic City verbally committed to 'Nova, then switched to Pitt later his senior year. Martin, a relatively non-descript college player, was given a Philadelphia welcome every time Pitt came East.
The coaches, Paul Evans for Pitt and Rollie Massimino for Villanova, got into several on-court verbal battles that lasted until each was forced out of their coaching spots.
That was a long time ago (the go-go '80s) with different players and a different attitude.
Now, enjoy the game:

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rise and Shine --- 100 things to do

Good Morning and welcome back to the mist!

We've had 100 places to see before you die, 100 songs to hear before you die and 100 books to read before you die.
Now, since we never have enough lists, there is 100 moves to see before you die.
Now, I'm sure they are all good movies and such, but, really, I've never understood how you can rank movies. Much like art, movies are in the eye of the beholder.
You can tell good writing when you read it (like you get here every day), you can tell good music when you hear it and it's always cool to travel.
Movies, though, are different. Somebody might like 'The Red Balloon' (not on the list), while somebody else might like 'Point Break' (also not on the list).
What's the point? Well, sometimes it's better to have no point.
Just enjoy (this is from the list):

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rise and Shine ---- Things are tough all over...

Good Morning and welcome back to spring?!?

Yeah, we had to pull out the gloves and scarfs again this morning. ENOUGH ALREADY! Bring on spring. Let's start using more hair spray to warm things up.
Speaking of warming up, we keep hearing about tough economic times, but this may be going a bit too far.
For those who don't click on the link, it's a story about a California woman who used a stolen identity to get breast implants.
Aren't we supposed to be tightening our belts and cutting things out, not enhancing them.
It's not like she couldn't have gone on the Howard Stern show or something. Then again, maybe that's the plan.
Speaking of tough, check out this story about giant lizards killing fisherman
If there are giant Komodo Dragons out there eating fisherman, what's next giant volcano's erupting and killing all the dinosaurs?
Then, the monsters attack:

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rise and Shine --- Huh?

Good Morning and let's get those spring temperatures back!

There are just certain things in this world that make no sense, no matter how you spin them. For instance:
• What kind of worm is working its way through the brain of Coatesville firefighter Robert Tracey Jr.? Let's see, the city has been terrorized by a string of arsons that have stopped since the arrest of two other fine gentleman. So, feeling left out, Tracey allegedly went out last weekend and started fires. What, not enough work last month?
• What makes people put a confederate flag onto their automobile? Now, I'm not trying to stereotype anything, but most of these flags (front license plates, window stickers) appear on pick-up trucks. Are you a part of a southern sleeper cell waiting for the ghost of Robert E. Lee to climb out of his grave? Do the voices in your head tell you it's a good idea to put a blatant racist symbol on the front of your car? Does it make you feel somehow superior? Well, here's a bit of news: The South is not rising again. Even if it did, the new south would be led by Paula Dean and she'd take over by feeding fat-laden 'Southern Delights' to the masses. Oh yeah, by the way, it just makes you look stupid.
• Why can't the government move as fast in real life as it does in '24'? On the show, you can have an FBI investigation, a senate hearing, dozens of arrests, a president making his/her own laws, terrorist attacks, cross-country flights, martial law, disbandment of the FBI, reformation of the FBI, police lock downs, hijacked planes/trains/automobiles and more terrorist attacks all before Jack Bauer wraps the whole thing up 24 hours later. Then again, that's just plain silly.
Speaking of silly:

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Rise and Shine --- A dose of reality

Good Morning and welcome back to another long week!

Well, the dangers of sending children to different schools hits hard this week. The younger two are on 'spring break' this week, the older one is on 'spring break' in two weeks. What does one do? Well, make the best of the situation. Luckily, there is a Saint leading the way.
Anyway, last night '60 Minutes' had President Barack Obama featured. This follows on the heels of the President's visit to Jay Leno last week.
So, is there a bigger 'star power' name out there right now? Well, maybe Brett Michaels could give him a run for the money.
This Obama push needs a little more, something like reality TV. Since there aren't any original ideas in Hollywood, just use the current reality shows and insert the first family.
Remember, when these pop up in prime time, you heard it here first:
Dancing with the Obamas: We don't need any other stars (well, maybe the Biden's can join). Since there isn't much competition, our judging panel can just critique the style.
Survivor Obama: Put a Green Party member and Republican into the White House and see if they can make it out alive.
The Nanny (White House edition): Those kids won't do their homework and keep trying to invoke the spirit of Abe Lincoln. Well, the British Nanny can get them straight.
The Amazing White House Race: The president tries to get his budget through Congress as increasingly inane tasks get in the way.
• Wife Swap: How about Michelle goes to Alaska and Sarah Palin comes down to add her own ways to the Obama family. They can even share high-priced wardrobes. Can this work? You betcha!
Barack of Love: OK, so it's a bit seedy, but, in the grand history of the White House, several compete to become the president's new secretary.
Hey, it's already started:

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Rise and Shine --- Something free

Good Morning and welcome to the first day of .... spring?

In the words of a great philosopher, it's time to 'Ramble On:'

• If I can somehow convince the government that bailing me out in this economy is the best thing to do, does that mean I can stop paying taxes as well?

• While it's fun to watch the NCAA Tournament basketball games this weekend, it's probably better if you can turn down the sound. Sure, you'll miss the cheering and the bands in the arena, but at least you won't have to listen to the announcers. Case in point: Dick Enberg and Jay Bilas during the Villanova/American game. They were tripping over each other's words all night. At one point, while you could clearly here 'Go Eagles, Go Eagles' (the American nickname) in the background, Enberg said the Villanova fans were really getting loud to fire their team up. Right before a second-half commercial break, Enberg called Villanova 'Willanove' at least three times, then called American 'Butler.' Hey Dick, you had a nice run, now go home with Bobby Knight.

• Oh yeah, take Joe Buck with you.

• Last year, the first day of spring was about 30 degrees. This year, we woke up to snow flurries. Kind of takes the punch out of that free Rita's Water Ice, doesn't it?

• OK, there have been some exciting games in the World Baseball Classic (at least according to the ESPN highlights), but does anybody really care? Instead of delaying the season, let's just cut the losses on the WBC and get going. We need a 'real' Phillies game.

• Does the NBA even exist in March? Maybe the league should take the month off. Or, better yet, shorten the season and start the playoffs in February. If ever a pro sport gets lost in the spring, it's the NBA. We have college basketball, then baseball. That's more than enough.

• Has the NHL disbanded yet?

• Julia Roberts plays a former CIA operative in her new movie 'Duplicity.' Yeah, that sounds about right. Talk about being realistic. What's next, Nicholas Cage saving the world?


• If John Lennon, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix were still alive, would they show up on a 'Special American Idol?' How about 'Celebrity Rehab?'

• OK, back to sleep...

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rise and Shine --- What does $1 buy?

Good Morning out there as we start the last full day of winter!

Never does something look so good as the coming of spring. After sitting through a winter of dreary, wet, cold days, we get a glimpse of sunshine. We can almost smell the flowers as they break up through the dirt.
We can also open the garage door and dust off the bikes. Pull out the rakes. Get the hands dirty. Play with the baseballs, frisbees and lawn darts (lawn darts?).
Anyway, I get excited about spring, even if it means purchasing just one packet of seeds and seeing if they can grow, which isn't a bad thing for about a buck.
All of that is fine for the weekends, it's the regular work week that gets a little bit tougher. The last thing anybody wants to do is go into work when the weather is first turning warm.
Unfortulately, it's just something that has to be done. Unless, of course, you can get a government bailout and cash your checks.
So, even if it's not too warm this weekend, get to a park (just don't take SEPTA) and think of the spring.
You have to do something. Then again, maybe it's a better weekend to watch some basketball.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rise and Shine --- What does $5 buy?

Good Morning and welcome to the middle of the week!

Thursday brings the first day of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, a three week journey that offers sports fans a bunch of good stories and exciting games. Even for non-sports junkies, though, the tournament has taken on a life of its own.
A lot of people who have never watched more than 30 seconds of a basketball game fill out a bracket, give a co-worker $5 and hope to win big money by picking the most right.
By the way, you can save the $5 (or maybe more) and have a chance to win $1 million. Just Click Here. It's Free. You can win $1 million. Did I mention it's free.
Even President Barack Obama gets in on the fun. He'll be picking his bracket live on ESPN at noon today. Which is just what you want of your leader while the world continues to fall apart.
Anyway, put down the the official ladder of the NCAA Tournament and put down these winners:
First Round: Louisville, Siena, Utah, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Kansas, Boston College, Michigan State; UConn, BYU, Purdue, Washington, Marquette, Missouri, Maryland, Memphis; Pitt, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Xavier, UCLA, Villanova, Texas, Duke; North Carolina, Butler, Illinois, Gonzaga, Arizona State, Syracuse, Clemson, Oklahoma.
Second Round: Louisville, Utah, West Virginia, Michigan State; UConn, Purdue, Marquette, Memphis; Pitt, Wisconsin, Villanova, Texas; North Carolina, Illinois, Syracuse, Oklahoma.
Third Round: Louisville, West Virginia; UConn, Memphis; Pitt, Texas; North Carolina, Syracuse.
Fourth Round: Louisville, Memphis, Pitt, Syracuse.
Final Four winners: Louisville, Pitt.
Champion: Louisville.
So, there you go. Either use this guide to pick the opposite or get a 4-year old to pick winners out of a hat.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rise and Shine --- What does $19 buy?

Good Morning and welcome back to the bus!

Well, it was certainly nice to see those in real power get outraged over the AIG bonuses paid. Of course, let's see if it was just 'political outrage' or 'real outrage' by how it's all followed up in the days ahead.
Speaking of the days ahead (or behind or today), anybody who takes SEPTA regional rails knows it can be convenient. The trains, for the most part, run on time. Unless there's a big event everybody seems to know about except SEPTA (see Phillies parade, Live 8, a weekend), it's fun to take the train.
SEPTA likes to point out how much easier. The government even gets involved telling you to 'Take the train' to avoid traffic. It's cheaper they say.
I say, 'HOGWASH.'
It's not worth taking the train as several families found out this weekend. With several things going on in the city Sunday (Greenfest, St. Patrick's Day parade), the thought was it was going to be better to take the train instead of driving.
Besides, SEPTA has a $17.50 family fare which isn't too bad. Then you get on the train and the train guy tries to charge you $22. When shown the actual price printed on the schedule, he tells you it's $22.

OK, it says here $17.50.
"Well, it's actually $19 if you buy on the train."
But the station was closed, we didn't have a choice.
"You can get off if you want. Next time, plan ahead and buy at the station."

To strand several families at another station, far from their cars doesn't sound like good public relations. Sure, in the grand scheme, $1.50 might not seem like much, but keep adding up $1.50 here and there and pretty soon, you need to bum $1.50 from Wawa customers.
By the way, most garages in the city have a $10 weekend price. So what's a better buy?
Do yourself a favor, drive your own car to the city. SEPTA is too much of a headache.
Meanwhile, where your green and enjoy:

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Rise and Shine --- What does $776 million buy?

Good Morning and welcome to the only place on the Internet you can find this!

There's a lot of talk about 'Madness' this morning. We'll deal with the NCAA Tournament later in the week. If you can hold out your bracket pools, check back Wednesday morning for the winning picks. It will be the 10 star bracket picks of the week.
Anyway, the 'madness' actually started Friday. Late Friday morning, a press release was received in the office saying Sunoco was laying off 20 percent of its salaried workforce.
You can read the whole story here.
Now, it isn't that Sunoco is laying people off, it seems like most companies are doing this at an alarming rate. That can happen. With the recession (depression?) continuing, many more will sadly lose their jobs.
No, the thing about this story is Sunoco is laying 750 workers off despite bringing home $776 million in profit last year.
Think about that for a minute: $776 million ... profit ... in one year.
Yet, they justify laying people off because, as CEO Lynn Elsenhans said, "While the company has enjoyed several years of strong financial performance, we are now facing a different — and more difficult — economic reality. Like many other companies across a variety of industries, Sunoco is taking steps to remain competitive."
What, if the company only makes $600 million in profit this year it's going to go under. Maybe Elsenhans should get a reality check.
She's not the only one, spokesperson Thomas Golembeski (regurgitating the company line) said, "(We want) to reduce our cost structure to make us more competitive during one of the periodic cycles of the refinery business.The outlook has changed significantly. We are in or are entering a downturn in the refining business."
OK, once again: $776 million ... profit ... in one year.
Or in another way, IT'S A FREAKIN' JOKE.
By the by, when Elsenhans took over as Sunoco CEO in July, the Wall Street Journal reported she will receive an initial salary of $1.24 million and a onetime grant of restricted share units equal in value to $5 million, the company said.
These companies (meaning the board of directors and the CEO) need to be held accountable for this. They need more than a slap on the wrist.
Somebody has to do something. Maybe some letters would help:
Send them to:
Sunoco Inc
1735 Market Street
Suite LL Philadelphia, PA 19103-7583

Then again, maybe getting mad isn't enough.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Rise and Shine --- Madness weekend

Good Morning and welcome to the real beginning of March Madness!

There are a lot of college basketball games this weekend worth watching. The Big East Tournament leads the viewing choice from this end, but there are fans of the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten and the rest who will be tuning in. Surely, there will be a lot of great games, great shots, great stories and fun times.
While we look forward to the announcment of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament playing field on Sunday, there's plenty of other 'madness' going on out there.
The stock market, for instance. All last week and the beginning of this week we watched as stockes sunk lower, there were more layoffs and doomsday was around the corner.
Then, suddenly, stocks jumped back up and then jumped again. Horray. Let's go out and spend again, the darkness is lifting.
Then again, all it's going to take is one company to say things aren't so rosy here and, boom, there goes the stock market again.
Maybe if we ignored the stock market, it would flatten out. Maybe we are too focused on money. Maybe somebody can tell me how West Virginia could beat Pitt last night.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rise and Shine --- What's needed?

Good Morning and welcome to another Thursday!

So, the prevailing wind is it doesn't matter if local newspapers go away. They'll be plenty of 'journalists' to get the news out there, right? Somebody will give us the news from schools, townships, police, small business, etc. Well, check out the following:
This one from the Washington Post about how the police in the city of Baltimore are handling things now that the local newspaper has cut staff.
A couple of weeks ago, Gil Spencer of the Daily Times wrote about Upper Darby's Matt Steven, a blind basketball player. It's a heart-wrencher, worth reading again, especially with all the bad news out there.
This moring, on, Rick Reilly, late of Sports Illustrated, wrote the same story as if new. Now, maybe Reilly doesn't read for his story ideas, maybe he does. It's just kind of interesting how things flow.
So, maybe the local newspaper takes a different look or different feel, but nobody else is reporting about Penn Wood's big basketball victory today.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rise and Shine --- Musicals?

Good Morning and it's time to sing a song!

So, a couple of weeks ago at the Oscars, host Hugh Jackman did a little song and dance number celebrating the 'return' of the musicals to the movie-going public.
That's all fine and dandy for those who get to go to the movies, but what about those of us stuck with the same retread television shows night after night.
It's time for our favorite shows to break out in song.
Just think of the possiblities...
24: Jack Bauer, after shooting or torturing another terrorist, could put on his tap shoes and dance a jig. Each 'hour' of the show could hold a central theme.
Lost: With all the time travel and going back-and-forth to the island, there is a potential to span the whole history of music. Start with banging sticks on trees and advance all the way to electric guitars.
NFL: Hey, they already dance after making every play, so why not just add a couple of microphones. Each team could have their own touchdown song, field goal song, sack song. The possibilities are endless.
ER, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice: Having not ever seen one episode of any of these shows, the only thing that would bring me in is some music. Let's use some musicians as patients.
Law & Order, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Numbers, CSI: Cop shows are becoming mundane. There's a killing. An investigation and an arrest all in one hour. If the criminals could only sing the blues and the cops threw in some love songs, we'd have a reason to watch.
Wait a minute, all this has been tried before. Why didn't anybody watch?

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rise and Shine --- Clone wars

Good Morning and welcome back to the Internet!

Meanwhile in the real world, President Barack Obama said yesterday he was against human cloning.
Wow. There's a stand. Human cloning is bad, says the president. No good can come of it.
Is that really true? Just think of the possibilities...
Abraham Lincoln: Wouldn't a new, modern version of a person many believe was the greatest leader in U.S. history be a good thing? Who better to get the U.S. out of the class civil war that's ongoing. Then again, we would have a new president.
Jesus: Great philosopher. Great public speaker. What could go wrong?
Jim Varney: Who hasn't been jonesing for a new 'Earnest' movie? Talk about getting everybody out of a funk.
Lassie: A good dog who can save little boys from all kinds of hazards like getting lost in the woods, falling down holes and being swept away in giant rivers. OK. Lassie's not human, but he (she?) seemed so human in the movies.
Charlton Heston: The apes will never be able to take over after the war if Chuck has his way.
Tiger Woods: Since we would all like to play golf like Tiger, why not have an army of Tigers who could teach golf to the rest of us. One lesson and you'll never hit the windmill again.
Mickey Rourke: What? He was already cloned?
Then again, maybe President Obama is right. Maybe it could go wrong...

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Rise and Shine --- Spring ahead

Good Morning and welcome to a new week!

It's hard to believe just one week ago we were digging out from the biggest snowstorm of winter. Now, with the exception of those giant hills in shopping centers, there is no snow. Sounds pretty good.
Speaking of weather, those warm days over the weekend sent the mind racing to the best rite of spring, baseball. Grab the gloves. Rough up the ball. Pick up the bat. While those high-priced players are enjoying the Florida weather, the real future of the game was being played on muddy lawns and driveways this weekend.
Sure, there were plenty of basketball games and the sound of bouncing balls as well, but spring means baseball. It's kind of interesting how the change in seasons bring certain things to mind.
Spring is baseball. Summer is swimming. Fall is walking. Winter is, well, winter is something we all have to get through.
While it's not going to be as warm throughout the week, it's not going to be freezing either. Time to start thinking about that garden.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Rise and Shine --- Goofy times

Good Morning out there and welcome to the weekend!

Think we have it bad? It appears a woman in Mecca was arrested for driving a car.
Now, it would be understandable if the woman was up around 80-years old, but she was in her 20s. So, next time somebody tries to tell you we are behind the times, tell them this story. Sure, there's a lot to do in this country and, truth be told, there are probably enough neanderthals around here that are cheering this story. Still, to quote a great philosopher: 'Can't we all just get along.'
Meanwhile, there is a big entertainment story out there today that the stars of the TV show 'Seinfeld' will reunite on an HBO show.
Having barely seen any 'Seinfeld' episodes, who really cares? Apparently a lot of people thought the show was funny, but it's been off the air for plenty of time. Unless there's going to be an 'A-Team' reunion, keep old TV stars in reruns.
One other thing to think about as the sun shines this weekend, Michael Jackson is apparently playing his last show in London. Tickets are selling out quicker than Wing Bowl. So, that just goes to show you all about the state of music and the mentality of Philadelphia.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rise and Shine --- Tattoo you

Good Morning and welcome to the real world!

Well, not the real world, but the world or ... whatever.
So, today we have this story about the big controversy surrounding something called tattoo barbie
Actually, it's just a regular Barbie doll with tattoo stickers. Where's the fun in that? How about just packing a little needle and some ink in with the doll and let the kids have real fun.
Now, I always found the idea of tattooing kind of strange. Some people like it and that's fine with them. There are certainly some neat looking ones out there, but what happens when you get older and those tattoos are sagging along with everything else.
Well, all you need is the Internet to find out. Here you go. Just finish breakfast first.
Still, why would people be up in arms about a tattoo barbie. People, it's just a doll. It doesn't mean your little Susie is going to run out to the Ink Spot and get some, well, ink. Much ado about nothing.
By the way, the dollar store has some pretty cool temporary tattoos so you can join in on the fun.
Barbie, by the way, is quite annoying.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rise and Shine --- Drive thru madness

Good Morning and welcome to the middle of the week!

Kind of calm around here this week (even with a big snow storm), although we'll take calm after last week's craziness.
Speaking of crazy, check out this story about a woman who called 911 when her local McDonald's ran out of Chicken McNuggets.
Now, it might be a little disappointing when you roll into a fast-food place and find out they are out of their heart-clogging specialty, but, calling the police? What are they going to do, run out, kill a chicken, over process it, fry it up and get your McNuggets?
It was only last year when this nutball called 911 to complain about his Subway sandwich.
Really, if it comes to a point where the food place isn't providing what you want, maybe you should go somewhere else.
Don't have McNuggets? I'm out of here.
Bad sandwich? Forget Subway, where's the nearest Wawa.
Or better yet, stop eating the stuff. Take it as a sign. Try an avocado.
Hey, you can probably even fry it. Then again, that might not be enough for some people:

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rise and Shine --- In like a lion

Good Morning and welcome to the Yukon!

Think about it, how can we get through the whole winter virtually unscathed, then hit March, and be buried under snow and ice?
It seems to happen every year. Maybe the powers that be should move winter back a few weeks. Then again, maybe we should be paying more attention to Punxsutawney Phil. After all, Pennsylvania's most famous groundhog told us there was going to be six more weeks of winter.
How about if we just use animals to predict the future? This could work on so many levels:
Economy: Let's use a parrot to fix the economy. Show the parrot a list of businesses with their hands out and let the bird give them its own version of a bailout.
Election: Take two presidential candidates and one golden lab. Whichever person the dog runs to is the 'Leader of the Free World' The other just stays in the Senate.
Dinner: Build a maze with two exits. Put a bowl of spaghetti at one exit and a sandwich on the other. Toss in a mouse and let it find dinner.
Friends: If your cat doesn't like your friends are they really friends?
Homework: Really let the dog eat the homework. This is favored by school children everywhere.
Movies: Take a finch to the video store. The movie it lands on can't be all that bad. Unless, of course, the finch is a Julia Roberts fan.
Lottery numbers: It takes a chicken, some corn and a ticket. Mix it all together and you have the winning numbers.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Rise and Shine --- Snow on you

Good Morning and welcome to a late winter wonderland!

Wouldn't it have been nice if this snow happened in say, December, when we all want snow. Now that we are into March and the Phillies are playing games, it's time for sun and warm. Take this snow and shovel it.
Speaking of taking something and shoveling it, we wake up today to news the government is going to pump $30 billion more into AIG. Now, this is after the company had 'borrowed' $38 billion just a few months ago. Of course, they 'borrowed' it in a sense that it will never get paid back. Those running the company into the ground will get fat umbrellas (just look around) and we will be stuck holding the bill with higher taxes.
Just imagine how much good that $68 billion could do outside of AIG. We could feed and treat millions of sick children. We could fix our roads. We could fix our people.
Instead, we keep throwing money into these Wall Street companies and they keep squandering it.
But, hey, the snow looks nice and at least we aren't these guys:

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