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Monday, November 28, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Is it cold in here?

Good Morning and welcome back to reality!

So, it started Saturday night, was full blown yesterday afternoon and I can still feel it today. It's the flu. Whether I really have it or not, doesn't matter. It certainly feels that way.
So, this is what I have:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Crazy, or...

Good Morning and how about those stars coming out for the Philly Thanksgiving Day parade!?!

A couple of years ago, my brother said he wanted to compete in an Ironman competition. You know, the one where you have to swim a couple miles, ride a bike for like 122 miles, then run a marathon.
To which, I said he was crazy.
A year ago, he volunteered to work along the route of the Ironman in Phoenix. He handed out water, helped competitors, did whatever was asked. He volunteered for the sole purpose of being able to register for the next Ironman.
To which, I said he was crazy.
For the past year, he's gotten up early in the morning (like the same ungodly hour my alarm goes off) and ventured to a pool to swim laps. He's rode his bike ridiculous distances (like the time he pedaled from his home in Conshohocken to the Ben Franklin Bridge, then to Phoenixville, then back home). He's jumped off the bike and run mile after mile. He blogged about it all RIGHT HERE
To which, I said he was crazy.
He booked the flight. Packed up the gear. Got on the airplane and, last weekend, landed in Phoenix.
To which, I said he was crazy.
This past Sunday, he jumped into a river with 2,500 other people and swam nearly three miles. He jumped out of the water and hopped on his bike. More than six hours later, he hopped off the bike and started running. My mother sent along a photo as he started the run. He was smiling.
To which, I said he was crazy.
It took six hours to finish the marathon part of the Ironman. He said yesterday he walked about 13 miles of the marathon, but was never going to stop. He said he was sore Sunday, but felt great Monday. He also said he signed up again for next year's race.
To which...well, he's crazy, but pretty damn impressive.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Birthday present

Good Morning and isn't it nice to have these 60 degree days in November!

So, about this time last week, I started asking a 6-year old (turning 15 this week) what she would like for her birthday.
We went to the toy store. Looked at the usual suspects. I didn't know there were so many doll accessories.
Even though she said she wanted this and that and this and that, I could tell her heart wasn't really into anything special. Sure, it would be nice to have that new version of the LaLa Loopsy, but where's last year's? Another doll house, really?
So, over a hot chocolate, I asked: What to you really want?
She smiled and said, "It's a secret. Come closer.
"I want to go ice skating in New York City."
Well, we did that around Christmas last year and it certainly left more of an effect on the young mind than I thought.
So, we got in the car Saturday morning and made the trek North to Bryant Park in the heart of New York City.
The amazing thing, to me anyway, was how much easier it was this year to go around the rink. Last year, most of the time was spent crawling along the wall. If the hand came off, well, let's just say it seemed like the rest of the rink was enjoying the comedy.
So, we skated for close to an hour (before her brothers practically demanded we leave).
On the way out, a little voice came from the back of the van: "Thank You, Daddy. Can we we come again next Saturday?"

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Trees, lights, ahhhh

Good Morning and welcome to another brilliant morning!

Now, I know I'm behind the eight-ball on this, but I really don't want to see any more Christmas stuff right now.
It all started a few weeks ago when I went into the Home Depot to search for some Halloween lights and could only find reindeers.
Then I noticed every other commercial on TV was pumping up pre-Black Friday sales or Lowest Prices of the Season.
The season? What season is that? Late summer?
Anyway, it all hit this past weekend when we decided to take a trip to King of Prussia. It wasn't so much the piped in holiday songs. It wasn't so much seeing Santa on his couch. It wasn't so much seeing workers at one store being forced to wear elf hats.
No, it was the attitude of many walking through the stores. You would have thought we were sitting a few days before Christmas instead of the beginning of November.
People were buying all the junk in the center of the aisles (do you really know somebody who needs a desk nose-hair trimmer?). They were pushing, wrinkling shirts, knocking things on the ground.
All I could think was, thank goodness for Internet shopping.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Joe Must Go!

Good Morning and welcome to a brilliant fall day!

Since it is Fall, the next head to fall at Penn State should be head football coach Joe Paterno.
Sorry, all you apologists out there, Paterno had to know what was going on with his former defensive coordinator. Anybody who's ever witnessed the Paterno show during the week before a game knows that nothing, absolutely nothing, goes on around the football program without the head coach's knowledge.
Paterno knows who is using the weight room, who is using the offices, who is walking around campus with a football shirt.
So, when he comes out with a statement last night saying, Jerry Sandusky "fooled us all," the only real person Paterno is trying to fool is the public.
The Penn State board should sweep the whole program clean right now. Get rid of all the old guard before this week's game with Nebraska. Don't let Paterno walk back into the stadium. Don't let him near the football offices.
If those that run Penn State buy into the whole lilly white program thing, well, this is the chance to show it. Any other response makes Penn State no different than any other bandit program.

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