Monday, November 7, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Joe Must Go!

Good Morning and welcome to a brilliant fall day!

Since it is Fall, the next head to fall at Penn State should be head football coach Joe Paterno.
Sorry, all you apologists out there, Paterno had to know what was going on with his former defensive coordinator. Anybody who's ever witnessed the Paterno show during the week before a game knows that nothing, absolutely nothing, goes on around the football program without the head coach's knowledge.
Paterno knows who is using the weight room, who is using the offices, who is walking around campus with a football shirt.
So, when he comes out with a statement last night saying, Jerry Sandusky "fooled us all," the only real person Paterno is trying to fool is the public.
The Penn State board should sweep the whole program clean right now. Get rid of all the old guard before this week's game with Nebraska. Don't let Paterno walk back into the stadium. Don't let him near the football offices.
If those that run Penn State buy into the whole lilly white program thing, well, this is the chance to show it. Any other response makes Penn State no different than any other bandit program.

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