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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Come on now!

Good Morning and we are really lucking out this Fall!

Let's get real for a minute here, folks. Saw the results of a survey yesterday that said 52 percent of businesses can't find people to fill open positions.
Really? Unemployment sits at 9 percent and those responding to this poll say they can't find workers?
The poll also said 42 percent of businesses say those applying for jobs are under-qualified.
Really? I know people with college degrees (some with masters) who are unemployed. They would certainly be over-qualified for any job, but can't get a hit.
Why don't we just say what it is? These places don't really want to hire people or if they do they don't want to pay a fair wage.
It's in the best interest of some places to keep unemployment high right now to try and force a change in the White House. If there is a fundamental change in government, maybe those tax perks and what-nots will continue to stay around.
So, when you hear polls about jobs and how there aren't people to fill them, well, let's really look around at reality.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Under qualified"? I've been searching for office/clerical positions. Employers are advertising for entry-level employees and requiring experience (one ad I saw said "five years") in every aspect. They don't seem to be willing to hire someone with years and years of, for example, secretarial experience who doesn't already know every detail of that specific job! So don't bother applying for our low-paying office job if you don't have five years experience with the unique combination of duties THIS specific job requires...or if you haven't had 5 years experience operating the postage meter.....

October 25, 2011 at 7:03 AM 

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