Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rise and Shine --- To heat or not to heat

Good Morning and it's time to change the pitcher!

As this wacky weather year took a chilly turn this week, the first thing I heard after school yesterday was 'It's cold in here.'
OK, you might need to put away the shorts for the season, but it's not cold. Maybe a sweatshirt instead of the T-shirt would help.
One thing that's not happening is the heat is not going on yet. Maybe I'm still stuck in the summer or maybe I'm looking for one month of a decent PECO bill, but the heater will not kick in this week.
Or next week.
My rule is the heat doesn't go on before Halloween. Yeah, yeah, yeah, things could change. The way the weather has been going, would it surprise anybody if we saw snow in October?
Now, though, the after-school crowd is going to have do deal with it. After all, there are plenty of blankets.

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