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Monday, October 17, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Fall

Good Morning and wouldn't it be nice to have a week without rain?

While we could skip winter and it would be OK with me, I really do look forward to the changing of the seasons.
It's tough to give up the summer and all that comes with it (trips to the beach, swimming), there is something special about the Fall.
The vibrant colors of the leaves as you drive from here to there are very cool. The temperatures isn't so bad as long as you can convince everybody to wear a jacket.
On Saturday, we (along with seemingly the rest of Delaware County) decided to take a ride up to Linvilla Orchards for our annual pumpkin-hunting quest.
Each one is put under scrutiny. OK, this one is a little flat on the back, but it's perfectly round on the front. Perfect for a Jack O'Lantern. Wait, that one over there is pretty good too. Hey, can't we all get a pumpkin.
Getting caught up in the season, well, of course.
So, this year, we ended up with a record-breaking 81 pounds of pumpkins (breaking the old record of 72 set in 2009).
Now, who's going to start cutting?

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