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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Leaky faucet

Good Morning and wasn't it a little nicer weather-wise out there today?

So, the big story the last few days has been about the government documents put out there by an entity called Wikileaks. These documents were supposed to stay secret, I guess, only to be seen by higher ups in Washington.
They are all upset now, saying it's a criminal offense. Saying heads will roll. Saying they are going to use more than plumber's tape to seal the holes.
Well, la ti da! Anybody who is surprised that things get out these days must be fooling themselves.
Look, we've all seen enough movies and read enough books to know these kind of politics happen all the time. To pretend, on both sides, to be outraged by remarks made about Iran is just silly.
What's next, outrage over the president's lunch menu? How about a leak about the White House Christmas tree? How about the document that says the GOP is secretly scared to death at the possibility of Sarah Palin gaining enough presidential momentum?
Now, that would be scary.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Get just one more

Good Morning and welcome to something called 'Cyber Monday!'

That's right, on the heals of all those 'Black Friday' sales comes 'Cyber Monday.' That means today, you can go online and purchase the same junk you "needed" to get last week without having to pitch a tent.
There are certain things I don't get in life (the number seems to increase every day), but one big thing is this propensity to just buy, buy, buy because it's the holidays.
Now, of course, I'm kind of caught in the middle. With three young children, you want them to have an awesome Christmas morning (or afternoon), but you don't want to minimize the gifts you purchase.
Hey, the Nerf dart game looks cool, but the darts will probably be missing an hour after being opened. The tracks for the race set will never really snap together like they should.
So, what do you do? Get something they really want or get a bunch of stuff so Santa doesn't seem like a bad guy.
It's something to figure out over the next couple of weeks.
Anyway, time will decide that one.

In other news, actor Leslie Neilson died yesterday. He went from ultra-serious to funny in a long career.
Here's one of the funniest:

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rise and Shine -- Toss, turn, toss, turn

Good Morning and welcome to the day before Thankgsiving!
Since I won't be here tomorrow to brighten your morning, I offer a "Happy Thanksgiving" handshake today.
By the way, ever have one of those nights when, for no known reason, you just can't fall asleep.
You head to bed feeling a little tired. Do whatever your nighttime ritual has become, then hit the pillow.
Wham, suddenly you are wide awake. So, you turn a little bit. Maybe a lot. Still, sleep doesn't come. Meanwhile, the clock keeps moving. Suddenly, it's 11:30 (if your like me and try to be in bed by 11 each night). Then, it's midnight. So, you toss and turn a little more, trying not to think about the clock.
Yet, in the back of you mind, you can't help but count down how many hours it is until the alarm will go off.
It's 12:30. It's 1 a.m.
OK, trying counting sheep. Really, does that ever work.
Find some calming music. Well, that doesn't exist that time of the day.
Look at the clock. It's now 1:30. No, it's 2. Wait a minute, the alarm goes off in an hour-and-a-half.
Wednesday is going to be a long day.
So, as I muddle through the morning in some of not-quite-awake state, it's time to figure out a better strategy.
You don't know how much you miss the sleep until you don't get it.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Knock it down already

Good Morning and welcome to another day to battle a cold!

You know, when you are going through one of these late fall/early winter head colds, it seems like you will never get healthy. Then, in a couple days, it will be forgotten. Most of us are lucky that way.
By the way, think Ed Snider is getting enough bang for his buck with this whole Spectrum thing? It's been over two years since the story was broken HERE.
We've seen them sell off the seats. We've seen them sell off the floor. We've seen them sell off the gum stuck between the steps.
Enough already! At least today it will be over when the wrecking ball hits the arena.
Sure, there were some iconic Philadelphia sports and concert events at the Spectrum. A lot of us, myself included, attended their first 'big' events at the arena.
I remember Flyers games as a child (back when you could actually afford to take a family to a Flyers game), several concerts (Fleetwood Mac, Boston, Billy Joel, Springsteen and more), but I won't exactly shed a tear when it comes down.
Hey, people, it's just a building. What's the big deal.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Today's the day

Good Morning and somehow we are only a few days for Thanksgiving!

In a lot of houses, this week is a bit hectic. There's cooking. There's cleaning. There's more cooking. There's a visit from family and friends. Then there's epic cleaning.
While that's all well and good and a lot of fun, this week also brings some other sunshine to my house.
Well, the sunshine is there most days, but this week is a little brighter.
"Hey, girl, you have to stay 5. I don't care if it is your birthday, I don't want you getting any older."
First comes the look, then this: "Daddy. I'm a big girl. I'm not 5. I'm 6."
"No, no no. You are growing much too fast. You have to stay 5 for another year."
That's when the laughter fills the room, the other room, the whole house.
Sure, you can turn 6 today. Just keep spreading that sunshine.
Happy Birthday.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Aahh, another toy ad

Good Morning and welcome to what will have to stand as the middle of the week!

I keep wondering, if it's not winter yet, why does the snowball keep getting bigger. Suddenly, it's November and the end of the year of the year can't come soon enough.
Speaking of November and soon enough, I truly believe there is evil behind these toy companies. No matter where you turn, you see ads with happy children playing with some new car track or doll.
Up until a week ago, I had never heard of LaLa Loopsy. I've now been told the whole story behind the doll and we 'need' to have a couple of them.
A few years ago, we tried something called Moon Sand. It was supposed to be a play-dough type thing that you could mold into sand castles then break them down and make something else. It never dried out. Well, it did dry out, right on the couch and it never came off.
Now, Moon Sand, I hear, is back, but it's been repackaged into some kind of cool, learning experience.
Yeah, whatever.
Is it just me or do these things only appear in the last couple of months of the year? There seems to be all kinds of junk thrown out into the Holiday wind in hopes something will become a seller.
Then again, does anybody know where I can get some Lego Star Wars sets?

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Birthday month?

Good Morning and here's to hoping this is a better week!

Ever feel like you just want to jump off the roller coaster? Guess it has to stop sometime, after all, they don't ask for the tickets just to keep going and going and going.
Anyway, so a certain 5-year old I know is turning 6 next week. Once November hit, the question came every day: "How long until my birthday?"
Of course, my first answer always is, "No birthday this year. You have to stay 5. You are just right."
The little smile always comes next and she says: "Is today my birthday?"
So, this weekend I was able to tell her it was only a week away. So, that meant Sunday we had to practice.
"The boys have to sing Happy Birthday before they can eat breakfast," she told us.
A few moments later, "Daddy, the boys aren't practicing Happy Birthday."
So, we played along, we sang Happy (One week until your) Birthday.
Now I know what I'm in for the rest of the week: "It's my birthday, so I say what goes. Everybody play dolls with me."
See, she has to stay 5.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Bird in the hand

Good Morning and, yes, it really is 70 degrees West of Harrisburg today!

Over the last couple of days, former President George W. Bush has been popping up on your television screen. He's just put out a new book called "Decision Points" where he talks about the eight years he spent in the White House.
TV newsheads have already broken down what he wrote and what he said.
My question is, Who really cares?
We spent eight years listening to Bush. We wondered how he got two terms as president. We have spent trillions on two unnecessary wars.
Enough already. No matter where your politics stand, it's a tough argument to defend Bush's economic policies. It's a tough argument to defend all the deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's a tough argument to say Bush is relevant to anything going on today.
Of course, there are those who will try to make those points, but get shouted down.
By the way, it is interesting how the Republican party was able to talk Bush into waiting to appear on television until after the election.
Speaking of elections, there are already plenty of websites to break down what is or isn't being done.
Check out for an interesting take.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Yes, it's started

Good Morning and welcome to a much more pleasant day!

I knew there was going to be trouble a couple of weeks ago. In a last-minute attempt to pick up some eyballs for a Halloween party, I found instead decorated trees.
When I looked down the aisle I had seen the treats just a couple of days before, there were Nutcrackers and chocolate Santas.
It was all I could do to not run out of the store screaming.
Look, I know how retail stores have to extend the holiday season as long as they can. Having worked in a store the last couple of Christmas seasons, I know it is the most important time of the year. (Not a day didn't go past where the manager left a little note above the employee entrance that simply said, "Sell, Sell, Sell").
I know in this economy that isn't quite as good as some would like you to believe, the holidays might make the difference between staying open and boarding up.
Still, I don't want to see it. I used to get laughed at because I didn't want to to do any Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving (although, truth be told, I have a couple of things this year).
Who knows, next year we might be hearing the sleigh bells mixed in with the fireworks July 4th.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Oil like boils

Good Morning and welcome to a brand-new, spanking week!

One thing I do every year is have a debate in my head when it is time to turn on the heat in the house. See, I have oil heat, so it's not as simple as getting the temperature up.
I have to check out the price of oil. Check the weather reports to see how long I have before it actually gets "cold." Check the price again. Check the gauge on the tank. Check the price one more time.
Usually, I try to make it as close to Thanksgiving as possible.
When a 5-year old girl, though, wants to put on her heavy coat while eating lunch, I guess it's time to break down and turn the temperature up.
That doesn't mean I don't continue to check the price and the level on a daily basis.
Now, I'm waiting for a nice week of 70 degree days. Guess that won't come until May.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adventures in voting

So, at 10 a.m., my posse and I were the 99th voter of the day at the polling place.
For the last election, we were the 15th at 10 a.m., so maybe turnout will be high.
So, anyway, we pulled up to the place and a voice came from the back: "Dad, look at all those signs! We need to pick who to vote for. Eeney, meaney..."
Well, that's one way. I figured trying to explain the issues to an 8-year would take the rest of the day, so I said it was a matter of who you feel comfortable with.
"Hey, that sign says Joe Sestak! Ted Erickson? Funny names."

Get out and Vote!

Good morning and welcome to (finally) the end of this election cycle!

Anybody who has watched any television over the past few weeks is happy today is election day.
That means we won't have to see those political commercials any more.
So, while you think about driving past your polling place because the line looks long or you feel you don't have the time, remember one other vision from recent TV: George W. Bush.
The ex-prez was watching the Texas Rangers lose to the San Fran Giants in the World Series.
Think about it: Do we really need people like that running our country again?
Get out and vote!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Rise and Shine --- It's not cold. It's Halloween.

Good Morning and welcome to November!

Yes, it's November. Yes, the year is going too quickly. Yes, it's getting chilly outside.
Last night, it was downright cold. For some reason, though, the cold didn't seem to matter to some. It could have been blowing snow and sleet, but, on Halloween anyway, the cold was just a minor nusience.

So, after opening the door for the first trick-or-treater, it became obvious I had to pull on the jacket and the sweater.
Then, I looked over to the Spider Princess and said, "It's cold outside. You might want to put some long pants on under your dress."
"Daddy," the princess, ruffling her nose, said. "It's not cold. It's Halloween."
Knowing it was a battle I wasn't going to win at that moment, I retreated.
"OK, sweetie. But if you get cold while walking around, remember I told you to put long pants on."
The princess didn't care. So, along with a detective, a Clone Trooper and a techno rocker, the search for candy was on. After the second stop at home to clear the bags, it was time to take a break.
Taking a break on Halloween meant eating some of the candy while trying to get trick-or-treaters to come over.
About an hour later, I figured I would ask the question. "Hey, ready to put on some long pants? The dress is nice, but you must be getting cold."
In a voice only a 5-year old going on 13 can muster came the replay.
"Daddy. I told you. It's not cold, it's Halloween. Can we go walk around again?"

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