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Monday, November 8, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Oil like boils

Good Morning and welcome to a brand-new, spanking week!

One thing I do every year is have a debate in my head when it is time to turn on the heat in the house. See, I have oil heat, so it's not as simple as getting the temperature up.
I have to check out the price of oil. Check the weather reports to see how long I have before it actually gets "cold." Check the price again. Check the gauge on the tank. Check the price one more time.
Usually, I try to make it as close to Thanksgiving as possible.
When a 5-year old girl, though, wants to put on her heavy coat while eating lunch, I guess it's time to break down and turn the temperature up.
That doesn't mean I don't continue to check the price and the level on a daily basis.
Now, I'm waiting for a nice week of 70 degree days. Guess that won't come until May.

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