Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Leaky faucet

Good Morning and wasn't it a little nicer weather-wise out there today?

So, the big story the last few days has been about the government documents put out there by an entity called Wikileaks. These documents were supposed to stay secret, I guess, only to be seen by higher ups in Washington.
They are all upset now, saying it's a criminal offense. Saying heads will roll. Saying they are going to use more than plumber's tape to seal the holes.
Well, la ti da! Anybody who is surprised that things get out these days must be fooling themselves.
Look, we've all seen enough movies and read enough books to know these kind of politics happen all the time. To pretend, on both sides, to be outraged by remarks made about Iran is just silly.
What's next, outrage over the president's lunch menu? How about a leak about the White House Christmas tree? How about the document that says the GOP is secretly scared to death at the possibility of Sarah Palin gaining enough presidential momentum?
Now, that would be scary.

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