Monday, November 29, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Get just one more

Good Morning and welcome to something called 'Cyber Monday!'

That's right, on the heals of all those 'Black Friday' sales comes 'Cyber Monday.' That means today, you can go online and purchase the same junk you "needed" to get last week without having to pitch a tent.
There are certain things I don't get in life (the number seems to increase every day), but one big thing is this propensity to just buy, buy, buy because it's the holidays.
Now, of course, I'm kind of caught in the middle. With three young children, you want them to have an awesome Christmas morning (or afternoon), but you don't want to minimize the gifts you purchase.
Hey, the Nerf dart game looks cool, but the darts will probably be missing an hour after being opened. The tracks for the race set will never really snap together like they should.
So, what do you do? Get something they really want or get a bunch of stuff so Santa doesn't seem like a bad guy.
It's something to figure out over the next couple of weeks.
Anyway, time will decide that one.

In other news, actor Leslie Neilson died yesterday. He went from ultra-serious to funny in a long career.
Here's one of the funniest:

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