Monday, November 15, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Birthday month?

Good Morning and here's to hoping this is a better week!

Ever feel like you just want to jump off the roller coaster? Guess it has to stop sometime, after all, they don't ask for the tickets just to keep going and going and going.
Anyway, so a certain 5-year old I know is turning 6 next week. Once November hit, the question came every day: "How long until my birthday?"
Of course, my first answer always is, "No birthday this year. You have to stay 5. You are just right."
The little smile always comes next and she says: "Is today my birthday?"
So, this weekend I was able to tell her it was only a week away. So, that meant Sunday we had to practice.
"The boys have to sing Happy Birthday before they can eat breakfast," she told us.
A few moments later, "Daddy, the boys aren't practicing Happy Birthday."
So, we played along, we sang Happy (One week until your) Birthday.
Now I know what I'm in for the rest of the week: "It's my birthday, so I say what goes. Everybody play dolls with me."
See, she has to stay 5.

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Love it!!! :)