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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Time to get the candy

Good Morning and welcome back to the Internet!

I was flipping through the TV last night, hoping to find a decent horror movie in honor of Halloween. Since last week I watched 'Halloween,' I was looking for something different. My choices were 'Nightmare on Elm Street 3' and 'House of 1,000 corpses.'
I, for some reason, settled on the latter. Guess I should have just gone to bed early. That was 2 hours, I'll never get back.
By the way, why do TV stations have to talk about healthy Halloween? There's nothing healthy about Halloween and, really, there doesn't have to be.
For the most part we eat healthy, but there are a couple of days better to have at it.
Halloween is one of those days.
So, bring out the pizza and don't get between me and the bag of Reese's.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween: Then and now

Good Morning and welcome to Halloween week!

OK, so maybe it's not an actual holiday (at least not in the good, ole' US of A), but Halloween is certainly a lot of fun.
Sure, it's changed over the years. I remember dressing up and going door-to-door for candy, but there wasn't a whole lot of difference between houses.
You knocked, they answered, maybe joked around and gave you some candy.
When I was in, I think, 7th grade, a neighbor's father up the street started dressing up and answering the door. It was great fun. Everybody laughed and that was it.
I like to take that to the extreme. I try to make a little Halloween party in the front yard. I'm not as crazy as an old friend was who turned her whole house into a Halloween adventure every year. It took a month to set up and and month to clean up.
I want to be part of the fun. Now, I just have to decide on a costume.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Movies and such

Good Morning and I liked it better when the sun came up earlier.

Anyway, so I was flipping around the TV channels last night around 8 and stumbled upon the original 'Halloween' just as it was starting.
So, of course, that meant I was stuck. Even though there were commercials on the AMC showing, I kept coming back to the movie.
Now, it's obviously one of the best scary movies of all time. Those seeing it for the first time even 35 years after its release (Yes, it came out in 1978) will be screaming and hiding their eyes. The amazing thing is the movie still holds up after all this time.
Sure, the teens are using landlines instead of cell phones and they are watching black&white movies, but it's still pretty shocking with Michael Myers sits back up.
Sure, there questions we ask now that probably wouldn't have been asked in 1978.
Like, wouldn't anybody notice a guy in a mask following teenage girls in a brown station wagon? Wouldn't the Myers' house have been torn down by now and replaced by a Wawa? How did it get so dark so quickly? Why was Dr. Loomis driving up in the rain? Where the heck are everybody's parents?
Doesn't take away from the movie. Actually, I think it adds a little bit.
It's too bad the dumb sequels and remakes kind of taint the original. Do yourself a favor this Halloween and check it out again or for the first time.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Air conditioning and heat

Good Morning and if I hear that 'We buy any car' commercial one more time this morning ...

I have kind of an unwritten policy in the house. It's unwritten, because I can change it any time, but usually don't.
So, when the thermostat hit 90 a couple of weeks ago, I turned on the air conditioner even though it was October. See, the rule is the AC goes off mid-September (the date is flexible). Then it doesn't come back on until June.
I usually stay hard and fast with that one (sorry, PECO), but I did break down when the humidity got too much one day and we were all sweating while watching TV.
The other rule is the heat doesn't go on until November (hopefully not until Thanksgiving). It doesn't go on in October. If you're cold, put on a sweater.
I nearly broke down this weekend, though. Even though I knew in my mind it wasn't that chilly, it certainly felt that way. There was close to some teeth chattering during Saturday night's movie fest.
Close, but not yet.
So, I won't get penalized yet as the heat stays off.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Welcome to ...

Good Morning and how is it out there today?

Ever get the feeling it's going to be a long week. You know, one of those weeks where the days just crawl past. It seems like you are always at work. There's never enough time to get everything done, but the clock slows down.
Yeah, I know it. At least, though, we have this:

If your head hasn't exploded just yet, check this out:

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Spinning in mud

Good Morning and I keep wondering why the alarm has to go off so early!?!

Ever get that feeling you just can't get ahead?
The rain Friday knocked out all our soccer games Saturday, so, suddenly, there was a free day.
We didn't have to be anywhere. We didn't have to do anything. We didn't have a schedule.
So, we cleaned the house a bit (yeah, yeah, I know, I fall behind easily).
Then, we tried to take a drive.
Big mistake.
I guess everybody figured it was a good day to get out on the road. OK, everybody and their mother.
Tried to drive up to Marple Crossings shopping center, about 3 miles from the front door.
Yeah, it took nearly 45 minutes. Probably could have walked quicker.
Instead of heading to the mall or maybe some other store, the traffic got the better of me.
So, we spent the rest of the day watching movies.
Probably a better idea anyway.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Putting on the AC

Good Morning and how about that summer?

OK, I've had enough.
It's one thing if I were living in San Diego or Phoenix. At least there, I could wrap my mind around the heat.
Maybe if I was living in Los Angeles or Las Vegas, I would relish the fact I would like to be swimming in a pool in October.
Maybe if I was living in Texas ... OK, never mind about that.
Anyway, I've had enough of this heat. Yes, I like the summer. Yes, it would be OK with me if we stayed warm all year. Still, when you expect the weather to change, it better change.
I broke down Saturday and turned on the air conditioner. I felt like a wimp turning it on in October, but the heat was too much.
Looks like we are getting a change this week. So that will be good.
Now, I can keep the complaining to a minimum until it starts to snow.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

They did what?

Good Morning and here's hoping the Internet doesn't get furloughed today!

So, those geniuses in Washington decided it was better to placate to the loudest (not necessarily the largest) mouths. Again, we have special-interest groups taking over.
The Government is broken. If we don't vote each and every one of those bozos out of office in the next couple elections, I'm afraid the country might be broken as well.