Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Movies and such

Good Morning and I liked it better when the sun came up earlier.

Anyway, so I was flipping around the TV channels last night around 8 and stumbled upon the original 'Halloween' just as it was starting.
So, of course, that meant I was stuck. Even though there were commercials on the AMC showing, I kept coming back to the movie.
Now, it's obviously one of the best scary movies of all time. Those seeing it for the first time even 35 years after its release (Yes, it came out in 1978) will be screaming and hiding their eyes. The amazing thing is the movie still holds up after all this time.
Sure, the teens are using landlines instead of cell phones and they are watching black&white movies, but it's still pretty shocking with Michael Myers sits back up.
Sure, there questions we ask now that probably wouldn't have been asked in 1978.
Like, wouldn't anybody notice a guy in a mask following teenage girls in a brown station wagon? Wouldn't the Myers' house have been torn down by now and replaced by a Wawa? How did it get so dark so quickly? Why was Dr. Loomis driving up in the rain? Where the heck are everybody's parents?
Doesn't take away from the movie. Actually, I think it adds a little bit.
It's too bad the dumb sequels and remakes kind of taint the original. Do yourself a favor this Halloween and check it out again or for the first time.

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