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Monday, December 17, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Guns

Good Morning and, yes, it's only a week until Christmas!

So, everybody kept asking Friday if I was going to talk to the children about what happened in Connecticut. My first reaction was no. I didn't think there was a need. They watch the news. They'll see what happened and ask any questions if necessary.
I wasn't trying to shield them from bad news, I just didn't think they would have much to say or ask.
In the end, I told them they need to listen to teachers and take those drills to heart. If something happens, I want them to be safe.
On the same side, I don't want them living in fear. You can't live looking over your shoulder or worried about what might happen. Sure, you have to be diligent, but worrying all the time will cause you to miss out on a lot.
I don't know if the issue will be brought up at local schools today. I am pretty sure there will be some extra measures taken (making sure all doors are locked, etc.), but I hope there isn't extra security.
We don't need that.
Sure, we need to do something. We need to make sure everybody is safe.
What we don't need to do is give up.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rise and Shine -- Fa la la la

Good Morning and how about those 76ers!

Anyway, while walking around the Springfield mall yesterday, I noticed the Christmas (holiday?) music coming through the speakers.
Suddenly, I had a flashback to just a couple of years ago. For three years, I worked at Macy's in King of Prussia during the holiday season. Once I got past just how messy customers can be, it wasn't so bad.
Sure, I folded a lot of sweaters and put way too many 3-piece boys outfits back on the racks to count, but the co-workers were nice and I was able to have some interesting conversations.
Then there was the music. The same songs over and over and over again.
I used to enjoy listening to the music of the season, but I think those hours in Macy's may have ruined my ears. I can take it in short bursts, but was actually thinking about buying a pair of headphones so I could listen to the music on my phone instead of those in the mall.
By the way, if I hear 'Baby it's cold outside' one more time I might just hunt those people down and put them out in the snow.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Getting close

Good Morning and how about those Holiday Homes?

I always kind of chuckle at people who rush to get their Christmas shopping done early. I once knew somebody who made sure all the gifts were purchased (and most wrapped) by July. "Takes the stress out of the holidays," was the excuse.
Well, I'm the direct opposite. I don't wait until the last minute (most of the stuff is picked up by Dec. 24th), but I'm still not ready to hit the stores.
It's getting close, though.
This past weekend I saw a store that had 50 percent off Christmas decorations. I figure if I wait about a week, it'll hit 60 percent off.
Those Black Friday deals will pale in comparison to the last-minute shopping deals. Sure, I might know get the 'hottest' items, but that's OK.
There are still plenty of Barack Obama chia pets to be had.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Christmas Specials

Good Morning and welcome to a whole, new ballgame!

So, I remember all those years ago waiting for the Christmas specials to come on television.
The thought of a Charlie Brown Christmas at 8 o'clock on Channel 6 was enough to get me to do my homework early.
I used to peruse the TV Guide to get a map for what was coming up.
Year Without a Santa Claus? Check.
Frosty the Snowman? Check
The Grinch? Check.
They were all there, spread out just enough through the weeks before Christmas to get a young heart into the spirit of the season.
Now? Well, I'm not one of those knee-slapping old fogies who say 'Everything was better in my time!!!' Still, now the shows are on all the time.
I could have watched the Grinch steal Christmas three times since Thanksgiving. Charlie Brown's search for the perfect tree has been on twice. Even SpongeBob's Christmas has had multi showings.
That's not to even mention the DVD set somebody gave me years ago that has Santa Claus is Coming to Town and the rest of the stop-motion classics.
Over saturation? Isn't that what we do now?
Then again, can't get enough of this:

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Sorry, wrong number (text)

Good Morning and finally got those Christmas lights up!

So, if you are going to communicate by text message, you better get the number right.
Over the past few weeks, I've gotten a couple of texts from numbers I don't recognize. One ended up being somebody I knew who had a new phone number.
The others, though, were just wrong numbers. I usually just send back they have the wrong number.
When I received another Friday (from a number I had responded), I decided to have a little fun.
The following is an actual Text conversation between me and an unknown mis-dialer:

Are you coming?
Only if you are paying. I used up all my cash.
Fine. I will (try)
Gee, don't sound too enthusiastic or anything!
Can't you just ask your parent?
They cut me off. Found the H in my underwear drawer.
Yeah, and the meth :(
What are you talking about?
Dude, it's a side business. Thought I could make enough for the Jag.
Whhhhaaaatttt ... ? You're an .. Drug user?
Never use. Bad business.
Ohhh ... K. Yeah. Never mind, there is no paintball.
Just fooling. wrong number man.
God, thanks, i guess

So, make sure you get that number right.