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Monday, December 3, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Sorry, wrong number (text)

Good Morning and finally got those Christmas lights up!

So, if you are going to communicate by text message, you better get the number right.
Over the past few weeks, I've gotten a couple of texts from numbers I don't recognize. One ended up being somebody I knew who had a new phone number.
The others, though, were just wrong numbers. I usually just send back they have the wrong number.
When I received another Friday (from a number I had responded), I decided to have a little fun.
The following is an actual Text conversation between me and an unknown mis-dialer:

Are you coming?
Only if you are paying. I used up all my cash.
Fine. I will (try)
Gee, don't sound too enthusiastic or anything!
Can't you just ask your parent?
They cut me off. Found the H in my underwear drawer.
Yeah, and the meth :(
What are you talking about?
Dude, it's a side business. Thought I could make enough for the Jag.
Whhhhaaaatttt ... ? You're an .. Drug user?
Never use. Bad business.
Ohhh ... K. Yeah. Never mind, there is no paintball.
Just fooling. wrong number man.
God, thanks, i guess

So, make sure you get that number right.


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