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Monday, December 10, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Getting close

Good Morning and how about those Holiday Homes?

I always kind of chuckle at people who rush to get their Christmas shopping done early. I once knew somebody who made sure all the gifts were purchased (and most wrapped) by July. "Takes the stress out of the holidays," was the excuse.
Well, I'm the direct opposite. I don't wait until the last minute (most of the stuff is picked up by Dec. 24th), but I'm still not ready to hit the stores.
It's getting close, though.
This past weekend I saw a store that had 50 percent off Christmas decorations. I figure if I wait about a week, it'll hit 60 percent off.
Those Black Friday deals will pale in comparison to the last-minute shopping deals. Sure, I might know get the 'hottest' items, but that's OK.
There are still plenty of Barack Obama chia pets to be had.


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