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Monday, December 17, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Guns

Good Morning and, yes, it's only a week until Christmas!

So, everybody kept asking Friday if I was going to talk to the children about what happened in Connecticut. My first reaction was no. I didn't think there was a need. They watch the news. They'll see what happened and ask any questions if necessary.
I wasn't trying to shield them from bad news, I just didn't think they would have much to say or ask.
In the end, I told them they need to listen to teachers and take those drills to heart. If something happens, I want them to be safe.
On the same side, I don't want them living in fear. You can't live looking over your shoulder or worried about what might happen. Sure, you have to be diligent, but worrying all the time will cause you to miss out on a lot.
I don't know if the issue will be brought up at local schools today. I am pretty sure there will be some extra measures taken (making sure all doors are locked, etc.), but I hope there isn't extra security.
We don't need that.
Sure, we need to do something. We need to make sure everybody is safe.
What we don't need to do is give up.

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