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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Christmas Specials

Good Morning and welcome to a whole, new ballgame!

So, I remember all those years ago waiting for the Christmas specials to come on television.
The thought of a Charlie Brown Christmas at 8 o'clock on Channel 6 was enough to get me to do my homework early.
I used to peruse the TV Guide to get a map for what was coming up.
Year Without a Santa Claus? Check.
Frosty the Snowman? Check
The Grinch? Check.
They were all there, spread out just enough through the weeks before Christmas to get a young heart into the spirit of the season.
Now? Well, I'm not one of those knee-slapping old fogies who say 'Everything was better in my time!!!' Still, now the shows are on all the time.
I could have watched the Grinch steal Christmas three times since Thanksgiving. Charlie Brown's search for the perfect tree has been on twice. Even SpongeBob's Christmas has had multi showings.
That's not to even mention the DVD set somebody gave me years ago that has Santa Claus is Coming to Town and the rest of the stop-motion classics.
Over saturation? Isn't that what we do now?
Then again, can't get enough of this:

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