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Thursday, January 31, 2008



Another nice winter morning out there. Sure, it's cold, but IT'S JANUARY. At least we haven't had to shovel any of the white stuff yet.
So, it's Super Bowl Weekend. Patriots vs. Giants.
I just don't feel the juice this year. Maybe its seeing the same team all the time that gets boring. I know, the Patriots are going for immortality or something like that, but I find myself being drawn to the commercials more and more.
Mostly, though, over the past few years, they've been disappointing as well. Maybe it's like the NBA Dunk Contest, once you've done everything, there's not much else to do.
Anyway, in the Super Bowl spirit, I searched through the Internet and found some lost tape of the Eagles preparing to play the Patriots a couple years ago in the Super Bowl.
I think it gives an insight into why they lost. It really didn't have anything to do with Donovan McNabb getting stage fright or Andy Reid choking on the clock.
It looks here like the wrong players were on the team.
Make your own judgement:

As for something different, I could use some help from anybody out there.
I have a Motorola Razr V3 and yesterday the main screen turned white. The phone still works, but I can't see what I'm dialing, my photos, etc. Any ideas how to fix that, I mean besides using a hammer.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008



Well, it's wet, but at least it's a little warmer this morning.
Of course, all this wet weather only makes me think of one thing:

So, on a rainy winter morning, is there anything better than a chocolate-covered biscotti. I think not.

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Well, it's wet, but at least it's a little warmer this morning.
Of course, all this wet weather only makes me think of one thing:

So, on a rainy winter morning, is there anything better than a chocolate-covered biscotti. I think not.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Ok, so it's not going to be as sunny as Monday, but who can complain when a late January temperature hits near 50. Well, OK, I guess the gas and oil companies would prefer 20s, but I need a break from hearing the heater run 24/7.
So, in keeping with a music theme this week, CHECK out this classic

So, here's a dinner-time conversation with real, true-to-life 5- and 8-year old (the names may have been changed to protect the guilty).
Brendan: I am so fast I can run all the way from here to New York and then to Hawaii.
Liam: (Laughing as hard as an 8-year old can) You can't run from New York to Hawaii. Here's the border of New York (holding right hand high in air) and Hawaii is all the way in the Pacific. (holding left hand down by knee). You would need a car to go that far. (Laughing fit continues).
Brendan: I can do it. I am fast. I beat Daddy in a race today.
Dad: Plus, you have cool shoes and it's all about the shoes.
Liam and Brendan (in unison): Huh?!?!?
AH, 90s marketing is lost on the youth of America.
So, Check it out here

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Monday, January 28, 2008


Welcome to a new week.
OK, so it's the end of January and winter will probably hit us in the next few weeks, but we start out bright and sunny with plenty of unseasonably warm temperatures coming this week, so enjoy it while you can.
To get ready for the week, check out CHECK OUT this classic

So, hope everybody had a good weekend.
It was a little different around here.
On Friday, my youngest son woke up with a stomach ailment. You can imagine some of the stuff that started to come out of him during the day.
Of course, he stayed home from school, but, in a family of five, it doesn't end there.
The oldest son came home from school saying his stomach hurt as well. Soon after, he was spread out on the couch, under blankets and, well, we can leave it at that.
Our daughter, who had a tough night Thursday but seemed better Friday, started feeling ill as did Mom.
Saturday was a day of laying around as everybody seemed to be a bit sick, a bit tired and bit fed up. Of course, Mom was the real trooper, not only working all day, but making sure everybody was comfortable and getting a nice dinner for everybody.
I got hit Sunday. While, the stomach ailment turned into a big headache all day, it still knocked me out. Which meant I missed a nice trip to the Philadephia Art Museum. Maybe we can all get there next week.
So, for those who think families have it easy, just be happy you don't live in a disease den.
By the way, I don't think Jeff Foxworthy is smarter than a fifth grader. So there.
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Friday, January 25, 2008



OK, so, I'm now my second week of getting up ridiculously early so I can offer everything Internet readers need in the morning.
It's fun and very busy, by the time I look up, we are pushing 10 a.m. and it's time to starting thinking of the next post.
One thing I have noticed is the annoying thing known as 'Morning Television.'
With the exception of seeing, sound off mind you, Live with Regis and Kelly while working out at the Lansdowne YMCA, I never paid much attention to 'Morning Television.'
I knew it was there, but it was something that was going on while I got the children up for school and got everybody on their way.
Now, it's on in front of me and I don't know the draw.
The talking heads are not funny, although they think they are the greatest comedians since Richard Pryor.
The weather people are the worst. They pump up every little cloud like it's a coming superstorm.
To all you out there who feel the same way, I offer THIS
Not only is it funny, but it gives you a little glimpse into the television world.
As an extra bonus, check this great interview out
Newspaper reporters sometimes get a bad rap, but I've never met one who wasn't prepared to talk to whoever they are interviewing.
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Thursday, January 24, 2008


It appears a bit of winter will be coming at us later today. Although I am not a big fan of snow, I can only smile when the little ones pull on those boots and run out in reckless abandon.
So, while haveing a discussion last night about some famous Americans, I picked up a book about Louis Armstrong. While many in our younger set probably know his songs, they might not know much about him.
I offer here what just might be the most beautiful song ever written:

Armstrong wrote this song just a few years before his death and it stands the test of time.
Just listen to the words. It may seem like things are down now, what with the stock market and the country's economic woes, but everything always gets better.
The bright sunshine is right around the corner.
When it comes, we will all feel its worth.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well, we didn't get the expected snow Tuesday, but that's OK. It's going to be a bright, sunny day, so it can't be all bad.
Of course, as the temperatures keep hovering around freezing, it's a good time to think about spring. Spring, of course, brings baseball and THIS
Here at, we are keeping busy as usual by checking out the weather, the roads and what's going on around the nation and the world.
The big news Tuesday was the opening of the stock market. Those numbers fell dramatically right away and there was a lot of doom and gloom talk.
I started sharpening some pencils and staking out a good spot to start selling. Of course, everything righted itself later in the day and now we seem OK.
You know who caused all these economic problems, right?
Well, besides George Bush, it's all the banks.
They were quick to send out those credit card applications, then started raising the rates without telling everybody and letting everybody dig deeper while they laughed, well, all the way to the bank.
An economic stimulus is nice, but until the banks stop trying to get blood from a stone, it's really not going to get better.
There's two cents worth, anyway.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


GOOD MORNING DELAWARE COUNTY and all you little ones causing trouble getting ready for school after a long weekend.
It looks like another typical winter day out there, but, that's what we expect here in the Keystone State.
As you are rubbing your eyes trying to focus and worried about the potential of some snow this afternoon, CHECK THIS OUT

So, what's going on out there today?
As we head into Tuesday, the big story seems to be the stock market and another expected downturn, but that's enough bad news for this morning.
Anybody out last night or early this morning got a treat as the clear skys gave a perfect view of the full moon. No wearwolves today, but it would probably be too cold for them anyway.
Hope everybody has a great day.
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Friday, January 18, 2008


Hope everybody is enjoying this bunch of winter temperatures out there today.
It's cold, but at least there's not as much wind and there's no snow falling.

So, today is Martin Luther King Day.
For many, it is a day of service. For others, it's a day of work. There is no mail or courts and most of the area banks are closed.
So, what does Martin Luther Kind Day mean to you?
I'm sure for some it's just a welcome day off. Many others will be putting in some kind of community service and still others will be taking part in prayer services or marches.
While we have evolved as a society since the Rev. King spread his message around the nation, in many ways we have some of the same prejudices.
My wife had a friend who lived in the South for much of her life. She said the difference between her hometown and the Philadelphia area was down South the racism was in your face, while here it's kept behind closed doors.
Is that better? Well, obviously not, but if we still have prejudices and the like, have we really evolved since the Civil Rights Movement.
The key here is, much like it's been said for years and years, is children.
People are not born with prejudice, they learn it from how they live and home and in schools.
My 8-year old son had a homework assignment last week. He had to write down one fact about Martin Luther King.
He decided to search out a book in his room that had a section of King's 'I have a dream' speach. He read it and we talked about what it meant.
I was happy when he asked: "Daddy, why wouldn't everybody be treated the same? We are all people."
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Another beautiful morning

Well, we survived the first 'snowfall' of the winter.
Sure, the roads were a mess Thursday evening, but, once everybody got home, at least there was some fun to be had.
Not as much fun as this guy, but there were still snowballs to be found.
I saw a couple of snowmen on my drive into the office this morning. One that was really well done was wearing a carrot nose and a hat with a flame on the top. It's a good thing he didn't melt overnight.
I think I've figured out the best thing about snow is seeing the little ones making snowballs (watch who you are throwing them at), rolling around and generally having fun.
I saw three Thursday afternoon who were having an absolute ball just being outside with snow falling. I'm sure they could have stayed out there all night. Too bad those mean parents expect them to come in to do something like eat dinner or whatever.
I also found out there's nothing like chocolate chip cookies during a snow day. Not only does the delicious smell fill up the house, but it makes the tummy feel warm as well.
You can have your hot chocolate, give me a cookie and I'm fine.
By the way, if you have any cool photos from the snow, send them along to HERE.
Also, send us along any links or anything else you find interesting.
One thing I'd like to know is how we are doing here at the Web site. I know there are a lot of problems. Most of the them will be cleared up in the coming months.
Still, is there anything you would like to see we don't have right now? Are we doing OK? Leave a response or send an e-mail
As always, thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008


It's once again time to get moving on another brisk morning. Somehow, the cold makes it a little harder to get out of bed. It seems the bears have it right. Sleep all winter, then have fun in the spring and summer.
Speaking of staying in bed, here's one of the most famous sleepers in the land.
So, today's weather appears to be much like January. Not too suprising, huh. Cold, possible snow, more cold, some rain, etc.
Still, it's that four letter word -- SNOW -- that seems to bring out the crazy in a lot of people.
Snow's in the forecast, run out get all the bread and milk and eggs and more bread. We might be stuck in forever.
Well, maybe not forever, but at least for an hour or two.
Why is it a lot of people run out to the supermarket to stock up on items they normally wouldn't need just because there is some snow in the forecast? If you know the answer or have some ideas, e-mail me HERE
Even the biggest snowstorms the last 15 years haven't stopped people from moving around at some point in the day. Stores were open, work was happening.
The last big one was the Saturday before the Eagles played the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game. OK, it was nasty that Saturday, but by Sunday the roads were cleared and the game, as well as everything else, went on.
My guess is we have created a panic mentality. We can never have enough. Too many find the need to be nasty just because they can.
Let's all lighten up a little bit. Despite the clouds hanging around out there, it's a bright world, see it.
As always send me some links, photos, anything.
Have fun

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


GOOD MORNING DELAWARE COUNTY and everyone else checking out the Web.
An interesting twist, at least to me. For the past 20 years, I've come into work when it was sunny outside and left in the dark. Now, it's dark when I'm coming in and light when I'm leaving. Odd the way things are, huh?
Here's a classic morning wake-up
While I don't head to Dunkin' Donuts as much anymore, it's still worth a laugh.
So, as things are emerging here at, we are still working with some of the glitches.
For instance, those who logged on most of Monday were welcomed by, how shall we say it, an interesting photo of reality-TV train wreck Danny Bonaduce. It was a photo that went along with another interesting Jack McCaffery column.
If you haven't seen it, Check it out here

Anyway, here's a little insight into what's going on here this morning.
In an attempt to keep our Web site fresh, I've been rotating the featured story about every hour. Jack's column held that spot for some of the morning, then was replaced by a call for Harrah's comments, by the way e-mail Amy Brisson here with any and all comments about the slots parlor.
So, that was timed to change sometime in the afternoon. I forgot the Bonaduce story was the next in line, so that's how we ended up with a better view of the Partridge Family youngster than many of us wanted.
So, send me some links, photos and welcome to a new day.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New test

Test, test

Getting moving

Good morning to all the princesses, princes and dragons who are getting everybody moving this morning. Be careful out there and bundle up, it's cold.
Make sure your bookbags are packed. I know your lunches are ready to go.
Have fun in school today.


GOOD MORNING, DELAWARE COUNTY and all you ships at sea.

It's another dark morning out there, but, hey, it's winter, so that's to be expected.
Here's something to jump-start the morning for all you pet lovers out there: CLICK HERE for a good laugh.

This whole Internet thing is so new, there are bound to be some prattfalls.
As you can see by going through our Web site, there aren't some of the things that have been there in the past. Things like an archive search, online polls, easy navigation. Hey, sometimes our stories don't even post, but those kinks are being worked out.
One thing that happened yesterday morning can highlight how this world is changing.
We got word in the morning the GOP was going to announce who they were going to put up against Democrat Joe Sestak in the next election. While there had been several names floated about the last few weeks, nothing was written in stone.
Finally, about 11 a.m., we got a name from a source. So I, as a dutiful new Web editor, ran back to my computer and threw a quick story up on the Internet.
I then mentioned it to our political writer Alex Rose, check out his blog HERE, only to have him leap from his chair and say, "NO NO TAKE IT DOWN. I HATE THE INTERNET."
Although we had the name of Wendell Craig Williams, it wasn't for locked in stone.
So, while it appeared in the newspaper this morning, the instant news of the Internet had to wait.
Now, on to brighter things. If you have any cool links or photos, send them along.
Thanks and check back later this morning.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Now, it's into the grind

OK, so the morning rush is over. That means it's time to get to work, right?
Well, let's check some things out, first:
It looks like Brit's at it again
Did the Golden Globes really happen?
Poor, poor T.O. Get the man some Kleenex.
Got any good links, send them to

Time to get moving

Good morning now to all the princesses, knights, princes and those charged with getting everybody moving in the morning.
Hope all is going well and there are no disputes.
It's still a little chilly out there as the light starts to break through. I'm sure some are a little sad about the lack of snow on the ground. Just remember, it's still early in the winter season. We get most of our snow starting last January.
Of course, those getting ready to head out on the road don't mind the wet instead of the ice.
Here are a few new things you can find at
Watercooler talk: We will try to bring you the top headlines from around the country and the world throughout the morning.
Traffic report: Updated every half hour, find out all the trouble spots.
Weather: As it changes, you will know without having to look out the window.
Tax Tips: Check our business section for a daily Tax Tip.
Want more? Shoot off an e-mail to for some suggestions.

Up and at them

It's still dark out there, but the moon is starting to disappear, leaving a look at dark clouds. Whatever.
Think spring, think spring, think spring.
Send me some links, photos, whatever.


Good morning everybody.
It's a typical dreary, January morning out there with clouds blocking out the bright sunshine, but that doesn't mean a depressing morning. OK, maybe it does, but the sun will most likely break through at some point today, at least I hope so.
Welcome to the the new morning blog, Rise and Shine. We start today with a little history lesson.
If your reading this, you either know me or have stumbled upon this while rubbing Mr. Sandman's overnight gifts from your eyes. Either way, glad to have you.
After working 20 years after the sun went down, I am know here before the sun comes up every day to help the morning go a little sooner.
First, here's what I felt when my alarm went off at 4:15 this morning: Clickhere

Thursday, January 10, 2008


This is a test