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Monday, January 28, 2013

Rise and Shine --- Eat the rich

Good Morning and why exactly does the morning come so early?
So, it appears we are moving out of the economic funk we've been living in for the past 6 years. The stock market is rebounding (highest in like a decade). Unemployment is falling. People seem to be getting their feet back.
Then again, there's our corporate society. When the election rhetoric hinged on taxing the rich, it became obvious we only have two classes in this country. There's the rich and everybody else.
No matter what they say, the rich don't care about the rest of us.
Corporations have found out we will do more work with less people. We will take on other duties as some have been laid off. We will get it done no matter how long it takes and won't put in for overtime.
We'll keep packing the boxes until our fingers bleed.
Then, on a whim, corporate entities might just decide bleeding is not enough.
One quote out of the election was "Corporations are people too."
Uh, no they are not. Sorry. Doesn't work that way in the real world.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rise and Shine --- Much ado...

Good Morning and welcome back to the Internet!

OK, I have a confession to make, I lip-synced yesterday's edition. I wrote it much earlier than was posted and pulled it out when the national audience was ready.
A lot of people might think that is wrong, but, so I wouldn't look bad by making a huge mistake, I felt the lip-syncing was warranted. People expect the best out of me every day and, with the Super Bowl coming up next week, the extra pressure was just too much.
I promise it will only happen on occasion and I hope this won't sway you from reading.
In other big news, it's cold. In Pennsylvania. In January.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rise and Shine --- No avoiding it

Good Morning and when does spring training begin?
OK, I got the flu shot. I stayed away from people who were coughing or sneezing. I refrained from shaking hands. I kept out of the hospital (always a good thing).
Yet, for the first time in a couple of years, I got sick this winter. For the past week, I felt like the best course of action was to head to a Leper's island. Eating real food was not an option. Getting out of bed was the biggest battle of the week.
Went through a box of green tea. Ate mostly crackers.
When I finally started to feel better, I got the cough. Hacking up a lung would have been much easier than the constant coughing. I hurt my head. It hurt my chest.
I feel like I'm finally emerging out of the sick realm.
There was a story a few years ago about a bunch of parents who got together for a Chicken Pox Party. When one friend got the chicken pox, they parents would invite the whole class to a party so everybody could get it at the same time.
Sounds a little stupid (I don't want any of my kids to get chicken pox and I'm certainly not going to make it happen). When you can't avoid whatever is going around, though, it's better to just get it and be done.
At least that's what I'm saying now.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rise and Shine --- Music

Good Morning and it sounds like another day better spent in bed!

So, I was sitting in the living room this past weekend listening to some music when the 8-year old said, "Can't you put on something good?"
Good? This is The Who. I'd think they are pretty good.
"I don't like it. Put something else on!"
Nah. That's all right. We'll listen to this for awhile.
"That's it! I'm going in my room to listen to something I like!"

Well, I guess we've hit that mark. I remember sitting my room listening to music. I had an old clock/radio and it pulled in the stations fine. Sometimes, I would read while listening. Sometimes I would just listen.
The boys don't seem to have much interest in music right now. Video games are holding their attention. Actually, they don't know Ozzy Osbourne, but know one of his songs is used on Madden.
I pulled out an old radio for the 8-year old to listen to 'her music.'
It was actually some of the same, but I could hear her dancing to the beat through the ceiling (not Dancing on the Ceiling)
Soon, she was going through my CD collection.
"Can I put some of these on."
Sure, anything you would like.
Soon, this was coming through the door:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Rise and Shine --- Stay home

Good Morning and when did we move to London?
So, there's been a lot of talk out there about the flu. For the first time, I got a flu shot and it's been pretty good so far.
Still, we are hearing about epidemics. We are hearing about hospitals telling people with the flu to stay away. If you have children in school, you know the drill, a leaky nose and he/she is home for the day.
Yet, if this office is any kind of barometer, people have no problem showing up for work with all kinds of illness.
I remember a few years ago somebody showing up with full-blown pink eye. Just this week, some were complaining about being sick. They are hacking up lungs while sitting 20 feet away.
Now, I'm no germaphobe, but, come on. I don't want to get sick because you have some reason to believe you need to come into work wheezing and blowing.
Now, I know there are different rules at different places, but let's use some common sense people.
Stay home for the day. Drink a lot of green tea. Stay in bed. Take a hot bath. Just don't come into work.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rise and Shine --- Suit debate

Good Morning and does anybody really know what time it is?
So, our own Gil Spencer has been touted by the Governor over the last few days after his stand on the state's lawsuit against the NCAA. Gov. Corbett sent out an e-mail blast Sunday pointing to Gil's 'it's the right move' column. That was followed up by a Tweet yesterday morning (by the way, when have Governors starting Tweeting?).
From this seat, it sounds like much ado about nothing.
Did the NCAA overstep its bounds with such harsh sanctions against Penn State after the Jerry Sandusky scandal? Probably.
Did Penn State deserve to be sanctioned? Absolutely.
I just don't know if there aren't more pressing issues in Pennsylvania than spending time and money to protect a football program.
You know, just saying.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Rise and Shine --- What's new?

Good Morning and here we are again!

So, it's 2013 is it? Yeah, I know, the year changed last week. Somehow, though, with the New Year in the middle of the week, it seemed not real or something.
Now, it's back to the first full work week of  2013 and, well, I guess I have to be ready.
Start getting up before the crack of dawn. Start hitting that snooze button again. Start brewing the coffee.
When I turned on the television in the office this morning, I was greeted with a Viagra ad. I guess whatever gets you up in the morning...
So, I'll take 2013 head on. I firmly believe things get better every year. In 2012, the year got better as it went along. Let's keep the momentum going.

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