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Monday, January 14, 2013

Rise and Shine --- Stay home

Good Morning and when did we move to London?
So, there's been a lot of talk out there about the flu. For the first time, I got a flu shot and it's been pretty good so far.
Still, we are hearing about epidemics. We are hearing about hospitals telling people with the flu to stay away. If you have children in school, you know the drill, a leaky nose and he/she is home for the day.
Yet, if this office is any kind of barometer, people have no problem showing up for work with all kinds of illness.
I remember a few years ago somebody showing up with full-blown pink eye. Just this week, some were complaining about being sick. They are hacking up lungs while sitting 20 feet away.
Now, I'm no germaphobe, but, come on. I don't want to get sick because you have some reason to believe you need to come into work wheezing and blowing.
Now, I know there are different rules at different places, but let's use some common sense people.
Stay home for the day. Drink a lot of green tea. Stay in bed. Take a hot bath. Just don't come into work.

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