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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Thanks for the library

Good Morning and welcome to a nicer (temperature-wise) day!

Once again, the state budget is coming down to the deadline. There will be cuts as each side of the aisle tries to push its agenda. Like last year, it looks like the our state reps won't get the budget done on time and services will start to fall off.
One of those services will probably the local library. They already lost funding after last year's budget fiasco and will probably be cut again.
It's a shame.
Yeah, I know we are getting all digital and everything, but there is something special about a library. The thousands of books on the shelves offer different worlds, different writing, different lives.
It's easy to escape into a television world. It takes effort to fall into a book.
During the summer, the library is even more important.
Just this week, one of the boys is taking part in the 'Science in the Summer' program. He's learning about chemistry.
At first, it was a fight. "I don't want to go." "I want to watch TV." "I hate the library."
After the first class Monday came this: "Wow. That was a lot of fun."
To lose these types of programs would be a shame and short-sighted.
Sure, it might make the budget look better this year, but we would miss it in the end.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Rise and Shine --- It's the heat, baby

Good Morning and welcome back the soup!

I don't know about you, but when the lightning started last night I shuddered a little bit. Now, they are calling for thunderstorms this afternoon.
I used to like summer thunderstorms. It gave a little break from the heat and the lighting and thunder was something to behold.
Now, though, we don't have normal storms. We have hail the size of softballs and trees uprooted. We have power out for days and families wondering what's going to happen.
With no power on Friday (and a car that wasn't exactly working correctly), the children and I took a walk around town.
Seeing crushed by trees and cars flattened was amazing. What's more amazing were the people. Yes, they were going to be faced with insurance company nightmares over the next few months, but those we saw out Friday were taking it in stride.
OK, that big tree we used to sit under and have picnics is now in our living room. Oh well, time to clean up.
For some, it might be a time to break down. Curse the skies.
Those we saw, though, were happy it wasn't worse. Happy nobody got hurt.
After all, that's what matter's most.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Constant buzzing

Good Morning and welcome to one of those Wednesday's that follow a Tuesday!

You know, I've tried my best. I've kept an open mind. I've read the stories. I've listened to the podcasts. I've even put it on TV.
Still, I can't get seem to find much of the World Cup very interesting.
Now, I know soccer (or futball) is the biggest sport on the planet. I seriously hope the Philadelphia Union is a huge success.
If they were interested, I would travel all over to watch the little ones play soccer. I would even help them out, as much as I could, to learn the game.
The World Cup, especially this one with the constant buzzing in the background, is just hard to watch.
Maybe it's because, like hockey, soccer is a game that must be seen live.
Back in the day, I covered many a soccer game and found them interesting. Some were even exciting.
Despite the comical effect of the announcers on ESPN, this game just doesn't translate to the small screen.
So, I'll try again this morning as the U.S. team takes the field. I'll stand in the newsroom and watch for a couple of minutes.
Then I'll wait for the final score.
It's better than falling asleep on the couch.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rise and Shine --- It happens every summer

Good Morning and welcome to the second day of Summer!

So, with the heat bearing down yesterday afternoon and not wanting the little ones to sit around watching TV all day, I pulled out the pool.
Earlier this year, when the spring heat hit, we noticed the 'old' pool had a hole in the bottom. Sure, it could probably be fixed, but it would eventually leak, so we went out and picked up a new one.
This time, instead of sitting for an hour blowing the thing up, we went with one of those solid pools.
So, anyway, I asked if anybody wanted to go outside.
'It's too hot,' came the quick response.
How about if I fill up the pool.
So, the grass killer was set up on the lawn and the hose was started.
A few minutes later (although it seemed like two hours to those waiting to get in), it was filled enough to cool off.
For about 15 minutes, it was splash, dunk, play. Then, came the question: 'Can we go back inside?'
No, it's a nice day out and you have a pool. Have some fun!
'Ah, we'll just play here.'
It was hot, but at least there was some fresh air.
Maybe today, they'll last 20 minutes.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Rise and Shine --- It's not the heat

Good Morning and welcome to summer!

As the temperature turns upward (and anybody who was out this weekend knows it has), it's time to turn up the heat on all this gun violence.
Is it really necessary? Do we need another shooting to see there is no good reason to have guns on the streets? How many have to die? How many families have to be ripped apart?
Get them off the streets. There is no good reason for guns to be in anybody's hands.
We are not living in Iraq with the constant threat of attack. We are in what a lot of people like to call the 'Greatest Country in the World.' Yet, we continue to do things to take the quality of life away from people.
This should have nothing to do with politics. Everybody should be on the same side in this issue. People with guns kill people. There is no way around it.
Then again, we have some who want to forgive BP for not stopping the biggest environmental accident in our history. There are also enough opinions about guns.
Only one should matter, though. Get them off the streets, now.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rise and Shine --- A special treat

Good Morning and it's time for a guest Rise and Shine Columnist!
So, here you go:

I`m Liam Carey, son of Vince Carey, here to tell you about the end of school.
I am a fifth grader in Garrettford Elementary School and I am upset about the end of school. I will miss my favorite subjects and classmates until next year.
On the other hand, my brother, Brendan, loves getting out of school, he hates homework and schoolwork. Also, if it was his choice, he would make every one play LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy on the DS or SHIFT on the iPhone.

I wish students could learn chess or build custom wooden chess sets to play with during the year. Still, I think school is fine the way it is.
I cannot wait to read A Wrinkle In Time, it is supposed to be very good. I also plan to get my summer mathematics packet done early so I can enjoy the summer.
Over the summer I hope to spend some time on the beach. I love to ride the waves with my boogie board. That way we can eat Curley's Fries on the boardwalk and maybe some pizza, too.
When we're not at the beach, I hope we can take advantage of my grandmom's pool. The first time I go in, I'm going to go down the slide.
Well, have a great summer! Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Blame game

Good Morning and welcome to the cool before the heat!

So, the President came out Tuesday night and said BP will have to pay big bucks during and after the gulf oil spill.
Well, whoopdedoo (for lack of a better word). So, BP will write a check and all will be forgotten. Meanwhile, the oil companies will continue to polute our oceans and food then go on and roll in the profits.
Now is the time for somebody (be it government or us) to step up and say, "Enough."
Find a new way now or we are all going to start riding our bikes or taking the train. The more we let these oil companies do what they want, the more of these 'oops' things are going to happen.
Somebody might say, 'Yeah, but BP will never be the same.'
OK, maybe, but what about Exxon. Remember when the Valdez crashed off the coast of Alaska and dumped oil all over the place? Many said they would never by Exxon gas again.
Well, 20 years later it's the biggest oil company in the world.
So, we can't forget and we have to make these companies accountable in ways more than money.
Then again, maybe that's all there is.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Go fly a kite

Good Morning and here's hoping this week is better than last!

You know, in the attempt to save some money, it's always good when you can find something free.
So, with the heat bearing down and the walls getting smaller, Saturday was a good day to head downtown for a free kite-making exercise at the Philadelphia Water Works.
Every Saturday in the shadow of the Art Museum, there are a group of artists who sit outside (it's called Art in the Open) and show their, well, art.
They also get children involved with some free activities. Saturday was kite day.
So, we piled into the van and made the trek down.
The children made kites out of newspaper. They were able to paint them, string them and run around with them. OK, so they didn't actually fly high, but that wasn't the point.
Just being able to see the pure enjoyment of them running around trying to get it off the ground made up for everything else.
That's what we all need to find. We need to fly more kites.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Getting there

Good Morning and welcome to the middle of the week!

So, the big hubbub yesterday was the video of the child seemingly drinking a beer during the Phillies game.
The tot was captured in the background as the camera focused on Phillies shortstop Juan Castro. Here is the video:

View more news videos at:

OK, so the boy picked up the beer bottle and appeared to be drinking something (or at least prentending). The only reason it was seen on the video is because the family had some pretty good tickets.
Most likely, this happens throughout the stadium every game. Our first thought is to vilify the parents, but, really, we should first find out the whole story.
I'm sure there have been times in everybody's house where a child picks up an empty beer bottle and pretends to drink. The bottle is quickly taken away and then they get a lecture about the evils of drinking (or something like that).
If the boy actually drank the beer, there should be ramifications. If it's not as it appears, let's just let it fall away.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Today's the day

Good Morning and at least the heat has broken!

The day has just started and I wish I could forget it already. Don't have much today.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Getting us

Good Morning and how do they keep that ice frozen for the Stanley Cup Finals?

Driving by a McDonald's the other day, my daughter noticed a huge sign advertising the new Shrek glasses being sold.
"Look, Daddy," she said. "Shrek. Can I get one?"
Well, not right now, but maybe later, I said. (Truth be told, that's my stock answer for any of those fast food 'toys').
Luckily, I didn't give in to the wide eyes. Usually, when she asks, I melt and have no choice but to grant the request.
Then comes this story today.
Those 'cute' glasses were tainted with Cadmium. How about that for a collectible?
Just so you know, cadmium and its compounds are extremely toxic even in low concentrations. Toys have been pulled off shelves because they contain Cadmium. People have gotten very, very sick.
So, now we know, not only are adults being slowly put down by fat-laden Big Macs, but children should stay away as well.
Of course, they'll just replace Shrek with a Disney-theme and all will be forgotten.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Know when to hold them...

Good Morning and welcome back to the middle of the week!

I'll tell you, these weeks that begin with a holiday sure throw off the schedule. It's suddenly Wednesday. Usually, I like to get through the work part of the week as fast as possible. This week, though, I wish the clock would slow down. I'm trying to savor every moment possible.
Meanwhile, that oil spilling out in the Gulf of Mexico is getting closer to Florida. There appears no way to stop it. It's like BP is throwing all it can against the wall to see what sticks.
Instead, we'll see higher gas prices and an environmental disaster that may never end.
Yeah, it's a good thing to be drilling for oil.
I think it's time to stop these companies.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Cool, night

Good Morning and welcome to June!

I used to look forward to June. After all, it was the real start of summer. School was over. Swimming. Reading. Relaxing.
This year, I hope it gets over quickly. Maybe I could fall asleep this week and wake up some time in July. Hey, you never know.
Speaking of sleep, there was none coming last night as the hot, stagnant air floated through the house. After lying there for a few minutes, it became obvious the ceiling fan wasn't going to cut it. So, I had to break down and put a couple of air conditioners in the windows.
Much like turning on the heat in October, I fight the urge to put in those window units. Not that it's hard, but once their in, their on.
I try to keep them on just at night, so there is a possibility of at least a few hours of sleep. There's nothing worse than a hot, humid night to mess with your sleep schedule.
Now, to convince myself the big units downstairs don't need to go in yet.

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