Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Thanks for the library

Good Morning and welcome to a nicer (temperature-wise) day!

Once again, the state budget is coming down to the deadline. There will be cuts as each side of the aisle tries to push its agenda. Like last year, it looks like the our state reps won't get the budget done on time and services will start to fall off.
One of those services will probably the local library. They already lost funding after last year's budget fiasco and will probably be cut again.
It's a shame.
Yeah, I know we are getting all digital and everything, but there is something special about a library. The thousands of books on the shelves offer different worlds, different writing, different lives.
It's easy to escape into a television world. It takes effort to fall into a book.
During the summer, the library is even more important.
Just this week, one of the boys is taking part in the 'Science in the Summer' program. He's learning about chemistry.
At first, it was a fight. "I don't want to go." "I want to watch TV." "I hate the library."
After the first class Monday came this: "Wow. That was a lot of fun."
To lose these types of programs would be a shame and short-sighted.
Sure, it might make the budget look better this year, but we would miss it in the end.

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