Monday, June 28, 2010

Rise and Shine --- It's the heat, baby

Good Morning and welcome back the soup!

I don't know about you, but when the lightning started last night I shuddered a little bit. Now, they are calling for thunderstorms this afternoon.
I used to like summer thunderstorms. It gave a little break from the heat and the lighting and thunder was something to behold.
Now, though, we don't have normal storms. We have hail the size of softballs and trees uprooted. We have power out for days and families wondering what's going to happen.
With no power on Friday (and a car that wasn't exactly working correctly), the children and I took a walk around town.
Seeing crushed by trees and cars flattened was amazing. What's more amazing were the people. Yes, they were going to be faced with insurance company nightmares over the next few months, but those we saw out Friday were taking it in stride.
OK, that big tree we used to sit under and have picnics is now in our living room. Oh well, time to clean up.
For some, it might be a time to break down. Curse the skies.
Those we saw, though, were happy it wasn't worse. Happy nobody got hurt.
After all, that's what matter's most.

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