Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rise and Shine --- It happens every summer

Good Morning and welcome to the second day of Summer!

So, with the heat bearing down yesterday afternoon and not wanting the little ones to sit around watching TV all day, I pulled out the pool.
Earlier this year, when the spring heat hit, we noticed the 'old' pool had a hole in the bottom. Sure, it could probably be fixed, but it would eventually leak, so we went out and picked up a new one.
This time, instead of sitting for an hour blowing the thing up, we went with one of those solid pools.
So, anyway, I asked if anybody wanted to go outside.
'It's too hot,' came the quick response.
How about if I fill up the pool.
So, the grass killer was set up on the lawn and the hose was started.
A few minutes later (although it seemed like two hours to those waiting to get in), it was filled enough to cool off.
For about 15 minutes, it was splash, dunk, play. Then, came the question: 'Can we go back inside?'
No, it's a nice day out and you have a pool. Have some fun!
'Ah, we'll just play here.'
It was hot, but at least there was some fresh air.
Maybe today, they'll last 20 minutes.

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