Friday, June 4, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Getting us

Good Morning and how do they keep that ice frozen for the Stanley Cup Finals?

Driving by a McDonald's the other day, my daughter noticed a huge sign advertising the new Shrek glasses being sold.
"Look, Daddy," she said. "Shrek. Can I get one?"
Well, not right now, but maybe later, I said. (Truth be told, that's my stock answer for any of those fast food 'toys').
Luckily, I didn't give in to the wide eyes. Usually, when she asks, I melt and have no choice but to grant the request.
Then comes this story today.
Those 'cute' glasses were tainted with Cadmium. How about that for a collectible?
Just so you know, cadmium and its compounds are extremely toxic even in low concentrations. Toys have been pulled off shelves because they contain Cadmium. People have gotten very, very sick.
So, now we know, not only are adults being slowly put down by fat-laden Big Macs, but children should stay away as well.
Of course, they'll just replace Shrek with a Disney-theme and all will be forgotten.

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