Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Constant buzzing

Good Morning and welcome to one of those Wednesday's that follow a Tuesday!

You know, I've tried my best. I've kept an open mind. I've read the stories. I've listened to the podcasts. I've even put it on TV.
Still, I can't get seem to find much of the World Cup very interesting.
Now, I know soccer (or futball) is the biggest sport on the planet. I seriously hope the Philadelphia Union is a huge success.
If they were interested, I would travel all over to watch the little ones play soccer. I would even help them out, as much as I could, to learn the game.
The World Cup, especially this one with the constant buzzing in the background, is just hard to watch.
Maybe it's because, like hockey, soccer is a game that must be seen live.
Back in the day, I covered many a soccer game and found them interesting. Some were even exciting.
Despite the comical effect of the announcers on ESPN, this game just doesn't translate to the small screen.
So, I'll try again this morning as the U.S. team takes the field. I'll stand in the newsroom and watch for a couple of minutes.
Then I'll wait for the final score.
It's better than falling asleep on the couch.

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