Monday, June 21, 2010

Rise and Shine --- It's not the heat

Good Morning and welcome to summer!

As the temperature turns upward (and anybody who was out this weekend knows it has), it's time to turn up the heat on all this gun violence.
Is it really necessary? Do we need another shooting to see there is no good reason to have guns on the streets? How many have to die? How many families have to be ripped apart?
Get them off the streets. There is no good reason for guns to be in anybody's hands.
We are not living in Iraq with the constant threat of attack. We are in what a lot of people like to call the 'Greatest Country in the World.' Yet, we continue to do things to take the quality of life away from people.
This should have nothing to do with politics. Everybody should be on the same side in this issue. People with guns kill people. There is no way around it.
Then again, we have some who want to forgive BP for not stopping the biggest environmental accident in our history. There are also enough opinions about guns.
Only one should matter, though. Get them off the streets, now.


Dannytheman said...

Lets start with getting criminals that use a gun put away forever.

How about leaving us legal gun carriers and owners alone? You can't be so idealistic as to believe that we can remove the millions of legally owned guns?

Why do people need handguns?

Though this is a commonly asked question, a more appropriate question would be: “Why should handguns be banned?” In a free society, the burden of proof is not upon those who would exercise a right but on those who would infringe that right. Private citizens benefit from handguns for the same reason that the police do: handguns are easy to carry, and they are effective defensive tools. Handguns are used for protection more often than they are used to commit violent crimes, and two of every three defensive uses of firearms are carried out with handguns. Survey research shows that people who use firearms for protection are less likely to be injured during a criminal attack than people who use other means of protection or no protection.

Dannytheman said...

I found the perfect place for you. Chicago has banned guns for over 40 years.,weekend-shooting-roundup-062110.article