Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rise and Shine --- A special treat

Good Morning and it's time for a guest Rise and Shine Columnist!
So, here you go:

I`m Liam Carey, son of Vince Carey, here to tell you about the end of school.
I am a fifth grader in Garrettford Elementary School and I am upset about the end of school. I will miss my favorite subjects and classmates until next year.
On the other hand, my brother, Brendan, loves getting out of school, he hates homework and schoolwork. Also, if it was his choice, he would make every one play LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy on the DS or SHIFT on the iPhone.

I wish students could learn chess or build custom wooden chess sets to play with during the year. Still, I think school is fine the way it is.
I cannot wait to read A Wrinkle In Time, it is supposed to be very good. I also plan to get my summer mathematics packet done early so I can enjoy the summer.
Over the summer I hope to spend some time on the beach. I love to ride the waves with my boogie board. That way we can eat Curley's Fries on the boardwalk and maybe some pizza, too.
When we're not at the beach, I hope we can take advantage of my grandmom's pool. The first time I go in, I'm going to go down the slide.
Well, have a great summer! Thanks for reading!

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