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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Skip winter

Good Morning and is it spring yet?

There are plenty of reasons to want to skip ahead to March. All you have to do is step outside this morning and you'll be able to feel one big reason.
The cold that's settled into the area just cuts right through you. The heating bill which will take any extra money over the next few months is another.
Then there's, of all things, baseball.
Over the past four years, we've all looked forward to the baseball season starting.
This spring, though, with Tuesday's signing of free-agent pitcher Cliff Lee, the enthusiasm is going to be through the roof.
It wasn't so long ago that players like Lee wouldn't have even looked the Phillies' way. They were a moribund program that was more known for losing many, many games than winning.
The best thing is, we can dream about some exciting baseball in the near future.
It certainly beats worrying about the cold.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Blades of Glory?

Good Morning and don't walk outside today unless you have no choice!

Back in the day (I like using that line since it makes you seem a little more stately), I remember ice skating as a fun time. My parents used to take us (what seemed like) every weekend to a local rink. We'd have some fun. We'd get some exercise. We learned how to cheat the vending machines.
Over the years, the trips to the skating rink became fewer and fewer. Finally, they stopped all together.
I always told the little ones we would try it sometime. It's one of those things that just faded into the background.
While taking a day trip to New York City, we, of course, had to check out the tree at Rockefeller Center. Underneath is the famous skating rink. It wasn't too crowded, but it was too expensive (would have cost about $100 for an hour). So, much to the chagrin of a 5-year old whose eyes widened at the sight of the ice, we walked away.
Then, we stumbled upon another ice rink a few blocks away. This one was free (if you had skates, renting them was just 10 bucks).
So, here was the time. I put on the skates. Helped the little ones and, remembering my youth, jumped feet first onto the ice.
Then, promptly landed butt first on the ice. A laugh later, everybody was on the ice. Sure, we hung on to the wall more than actually skating. Sure, we watched as people glided as effortlessly as walking.
Then, my hand was grabbed by the 5-year old.
"Thanks Daddy," she screamed, "this is great."
It's really the only Christmas gift I need.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rise and Shine -- Whistling in the cold

Good Morning and welcome to the bubble!

You know, the Upper Darby School District gets a bad rap about things. That city of a high school that sits on Lansdowne Avenue is one good one. It should have been addressed years ago, but, like most things, money got in the way.
One thing the school district has going for it is the music program. In a day and age when when school districts are taking the knife to music and art programs, it's to Upper Darby's credit the music has continued to flow.
The last two Wednesday nights I had the pleasure to attend concerts at Drexel Hill Middle School. Last week was the chorus, this week was the orchestra.
To listen to middle schoolers play their violins, cellos, flutes is impressive. Knowing the time the teachers and students put into practice only makes it more impressive.
I am lucky enough to have a reason to attend these concerts. There will be a few in the elementary school coming up as well.
I just wanted to thank the district for holding firm and keeping the music alive.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rise and Shine --- December 8

Good Morning and stay under those covers!

You know, I really didn't know much about John Lennon until Dec. 8, 1980. Since then, I've come to believe he was a visionary. Much more than a musician, Lennon became the voice for those who couldn't (or wouldn't) speak up.
Now, 30 years after he was gunned down on a New York street, the music and the message remains.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Baby, it's cold outside

Good Morning and welcome to a warm cup of tea for your computer screen!

Anybody who's walked outside yet this morning (or yesterday morning or the day before) has noticed the decided chill that has dropped upon us.
I hadn't realized Pennsylvania had been annexed by Canada, but, at least we'll have better beer.
Beyond that, why do we have to have such extremes? During the summer, we practically melted from the heat, then, without much transition, the bitter cold was upon us.
I understand it's the Northeast and we have to get used to the cold, but I for one wouldn't mind if these bitter numbers waited until February.
Anyway, while going through the Internet yesterday, I stumbled upon an article entitled "10 things I love about winter.
While they are all good, sometimes I think things we love about winter become overshadowed by what we hate.
So, as a balance, I give you things to hate about winter:
1. The price of heat. Sure, we need to keep warm, but be it oil or gas, the price keeps climbing and climbing. It might not be as high as three years ago, but we are approaching that point. It's kind of tough to budget in $300 a month just so you can have some hot water.
2. Snow. Snow. Snow. It looks pretty coming down. There seems to be a sense of calmness while snow piles up on the trees and grass. Then comes the part we all hate: getting out that shovel. Not one person out there can claim to like shoveling. It's something we have to do. We do it while everybody else is sledding and making snowpeople. Why is it always heavy?
4. Getting up on a cold morning. OK, so you've spent the money for the heat. You've added extra blankets to the bed. You've settled down for a long winter's nap, when, what do you ears do you hear, but the incessant buzzing of the stupid alarm. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. OK, OK, I'll get up, but it's so warm and comfy under these covers. Every morning is the same. By the way, it's worse when you have to get up before the sun.
5. Warm weather vacations. Face it, the closest most of us will get to a beach this winter is when watching Hawaii-50. We are paying all the bills, getting through the holidays then spending the rest to make sure nobody has to wear their winter coats inside. Vacations? Warm destination? Only when I close my eyes.
Well, there's five. Have to go out and find the shovel now.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Rise and Shine --- The Tree Scam

Good Morning and welcome back to the only place you can keep warm without spending any money!

So, this was the weekend to head out and find a Christmas tree. The last few years, that meant picking out a place, looking at the trees and picking one out. It was one place, one tree, everybody was happy.
This year, I decided do do a little shopping around and, boy, that might have been a mistake.
First of all, how anybody can ask $80 for a cut tree is beyond me (then again, I'm sure prices in New York would make that look cheap). So, once the $80 price tag was seen, we played a little game to find a bigger tree for a better price.
Of course, my entourage just wanted to get out of the cold (and get a tree in the house), so the game was mostly in my head.
The thing was, prices didn't come down much from that $80. Sure, there are always some with a $30 price tag, but they would even make Charlie Brown blush.
Then again, it's amazing $30 isn't enough to get a tree. Anyway, after a lot of Saturday was spent driving from tree place to tree place, it became obvious there could only be one stop Sunday.
So, we settled on a $40 tree, got it into the house and will decorate next weekend.
Sometimes, though, shopping around takes a little fun out of things.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rise and Shine --- How can you hate oranges?

Good Morning and welcome to one of those dreary days where staying in bed seemed like a much better option!

The questions come, sometimes even before dinner is made, "What's for dessert?"
Sometimes, I'll have something ready, sometimes not, it just depends on what's for dinner.
If it's soup and salad, say, then dessert may be some cake or possibly ice cream. If dinner is pasta, dessert may be nothing.
Sometimes, when the dessert questions come, I'll pull out a piece of fruit.
"Oooh, I hate oranges."
How can you hate oranges. They are sweet enough. They are fun to eat.
"Can't we have something else?"
OK, how about an apple.
"Can we have some chocolate on it?"
No, just an apple.
"I hate apples!"
Now, I can see if maybe, just maybe, the citrus acid in the orange might not be to your liking, but an apple? Apples are just about the perfect food. They give crunch. They can be sweet (if that's what you like) or tart (if it's your preference).
"No apples. No Oranges. I want cookies."
Well, we don't have cookies. How about a banana?

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