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Monday, December 6, 2010

Rise and Shine --- The Tree Scam

Good Morning and welcome back to the only place you can keep warm without spending any money!

So, this was the weekend to head out and find a Christmas tree. The last few years, that meant picking out a place, looking at the trees and picking one out. It was one place, one tree, everybody was happy.
This year, I decided do do a little shopping around and, boy, that might have been a mistake.
First of all, how anybody can ask $80 for a cut tree is beyond me (then again, I'm sure prices in New York would make that look cheap). So, once the $80 price tag was seen, we played a little game to find a bigger tree for a better price.
Of course, my entourage just wanted to get out of the cold (and get a tree in the house), so the game was mostly in my head.
The thing was, prices didn't come down much from that $80. Sure, there are always some with a $30 price tag, but they would even make Charlie Brown blush.
Then again, it's amazing $30 isn't enough to get a tree. Anyway, after a lot of Saturday was spent driving from tree place to tree place, it became obvious there could only be one stop Sunday.
So, we settled on a $40 tree, got it into the house and will decorate next weekend.
Sometimes, though, shopping around takes a little fun out of things.

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