Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Blades of Glory?

Good Morning and don't walk outside today unless you have no choice!

Back in the day (I like using that line since it makes you seem a little more stately), I remember ice skating as a fun time. My parents used to take us (what seemed like) every weekend to a local rink. We'd have some fun. We'd get some exercise. We learned how to cheat the vending machines.
Over the years, the trips to the skating rink became fewer and fewer. Finally, they stopped all together.
I always told the little ones we would try it sometime. It's one of those things that just faded into the background.
While taking a day trip to New York City, we, of course, had to check out the tree at Rockefeller Center. Underneath is the famous skating rink. It wasn't too crowded, but it was too expensive (would have cost about $100 for an hour). So, much to the chagrin of a 5-year old whose eyes widened at the sight of the ice, we walked away.
Then, we stumbled upon another ice rink a few blocks away. This one was free (if you had skates, renting them was just 10 bucks).
So, here was the time. I put on the skates. Helped the little ones and, remembering my youth, jumped feet first onto the ice.
Then, promptly landed butt first on the ice. A laugh later, everybody was on the ice. Sure, we hung on to the wall more than actually skating. Sure, we watched as people glided as effortlessly as walking.
Then, my hand was grabbed by the 5-year old.
"Thanks Daddy," she screamed, "this is great."
It's really the only Christmas gift I need.

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Nice story Vince!