Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Baby, it's cold outside

Good Morning and welcome to a warm cup of tea for your computer screen!

Anybody who's walked outside yet this morning (or yesterday morning or the day before) has noticed the decided chill that has dropped upon us.
I hadn't realized Pennsylvania had been annexed by Canada, but, at least we'll have better beer.
Beyond that, why do we have to have such extremes? During the summer, we practically melted from the heat, then, without much transition, the bitter cold was upon us.
I understand it's the Northeast and we have to get used to the cold, but I for one wouldn't mind if these bitter numbers waited until February.
Anyway, while going through the Internet yesterday, I stumbled upon an article entitled "10 things I love about winter.
While they are all good, sometimes I think things we love about winter become overshadowed by what we hate.
So, as a balance, I give you things to hate about winter:
1. The price of heat. Sure, we need to keep warm, but be it oil or gas, the price keeps climbing and climbing. It might not be as high as three years ago, but we are approaching that point. It's kind of tough to budget in $300 a month just so you can have some hot water.
2. Snow. Snow. Snow. It looks pretty coming down. There seems to be a sense of calmness while snow piles up on the trees and grass. Then comes the part we all hate: getting out that shovel. Not one person out there can claim to like shoveling. It's something we have to do. We do it while everybody else is sledding and making snowpeople. Why is it always heavy?
4. Getting up on a cold morning. OK, so you've spent the money for the heat. You've added extra blankets to the bed. You've settled down for a long winter's nap, when, what do you ears do you hear, but the incessant buzzing of the stupid alarm. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. OK, OK, I'll get up, but it's so warm and comfy under these covers. Every morning is the same. By the way, it's worse when you have to get up before the sun.
5. Warm weather vacations. Face it, the closest most of us will get to a beach this winter is when watching Hawaii-50. We are paying all the bills, getting through the holidays then spending the rest to make sure nobody has to wear their winter coats inside. Vacations? Warm destination? Only when I close my eyes.
Well, there's five. Have to go out and find the shovel now.

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