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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rise and Shine Extra --- A word on corporate America

Rise and Shine --- Where would we be?

Good Morning and welcome to a snow-free zone

The subject of unions seems to be a black & white issue. You either believe worker unions have saved jobs or eliminated jobs. Unions are either the reason for the recession or the reason it didn't become a full-blown depression.
Yes, there have been some abuses in the past, but there have also been plenty of documented abuses by corporations. All people are looking for is a little protection.
Take the case in Wisconsin. The state workers aren't holding firm on a contract that was negotiated during a time of economic heaven. They are willing to concede more money (like a 15 percent increase) is going to have to be paid for health care. They are willing to concede give backs in salary and vacation time.
What they aren't willing to do is allow the state government to fire them on will. Really, shouldn't that be the right of every person.
If you are doing the job (and many of us are doing the job of two or three people these days), shouldn't you have a little protection? If you show up to work everyday and do what's expected, shouldn't you be safe? Just because you make a little more money than somebody just starting out, does that make you a bad employee?
Those who are anti-union like to point to contracts that paid some a lot to just stand around. Well, those days are over. The workforce has been thinned, let's not make it any thinner.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Close your eyes and pray

Good Morning and welcome back to the day before the snow returns!

So, the Catholic Church is again getting a bit of bad publicity. More priests have been accused of child molestation and endangerment.
What doesn't seem to compute over here is, how can this keep happening? For years, the church swept this under the rug. For years, those in Rome denied anything wrong was happening. For years, they just moved these 'people' around from church to church, enabling them to hurt more and more people.
Then, every time somebody actually stands up, they act shocked. They act like they never knew. They act like this is an isolated incident.
Well, after years and years of just looking the other way, it's about time those who turned a blind eye should be prosecuted. They should be put in prison like anybody else. They should feel some pain.
It's about time to put the hammer down.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Learning on the Fly

Good Morning and welcome back to the cold and wind!

Yeah, we missed you yesterday with it being like 65 degrees and all.
So, is it just me, or does it appear our government is really messed up. There isn't one thing either side can say without the other making fun of it.
Is this really what everybody wants? Is this really the way a country should be run?
It's almost like one of those situations where there is a bunch of kids in a candy store and they just start grabbing at everything. It doesn't matter if it tastes like, well, junk, because it's sugar, sugar, sugar.
Let's grab at straws. Let's mock each other. Let's all get power hungry.
The President presented a new budget to Congress yesterday, complete with some major cuts in a lot of programs.
Of course, the Republicans (almost before the ink dried) started lambasting the document. Too many cuts. Not enough cuts. Not enough cuts in certain areas.
Hey, if they start cutting funding to certain things, then there won't be enough to fill the pockets of some.
What the voting public apparently has done is rushed to judgment and put a lot of people in a position of power who don't know what to do with it. They give no solid answers.
It reminds me of something that happened about a year ago. Having been thrown (not literally) a video camera and an editing program, I was told to figure it out.
"Well," I said, "I've never edited video."
To which the answer was, "Figure it out."
Sure, I've figured it out, but is that how we want our government to work?

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Rise and Shine ---- Here we are again

Good Morning and Happy Valentine's Day!

Also known as a good day to be a rose gardener. It is amazing how the price of flowers jumps every Feb. 14. Hey, the market drives the price, right?

Anyway, did you catch the Grammys last night? Well, when you haven't actually heard any of the songs nominated for Song of the Year, you have to expect some surprises.
One surprise the Grammy commercials kept pushing was an appearance by Bob Dylan. Well, after seeing that I can only conclude that Bob Dylan died years ago and his zombie self is now touring.
You know, with the exception of Mick Jagger's energy, it was painfully obvious none of those 'old timers' should be on stage. Remember how they were, don't taint things by putting on a bad show.
Even Jagger's voice is showing the rigors of age, but at least he can still move. By the way, how did Mick become so much skinnier?
I know these award shows, especially the Grammys, try to grab some of the older audience, but instead of having Dylan or Streisand singing, how about just having them give out awards.
That way, some of the new music can hit the spotlight. Then again, where was that?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rise and Shine --- When the alarm does you in

Good Morning and welcome back to reality!

So, my alarm went off like usual this morning. First thing I did (or so I thought) was hit the snooze button.
MMMM, 10 more minutes of sleep. It's like that special piece of candy you've been waiting for all day.
Somehow this morning, though, instead of hitting snooze, I must have turned the darn thing off. Instead of 10 minutes, I slept for another two hours.
Now, since this has happened, I'm sure, to many out there, that's when the panic starts. Rush to the shower, rush to get your breakfast, put the pedal to the metal to get to work.
Now, I'm going to feel behind all day, even though I've pretty much caught up with everything.
And it's all the alarm's fault.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Rise and Shine --- It's a marathon

Good Morning and welcome to the day after!

You know, going into Super Bowl Sunday, I knew it was going to be a long day. Usually, it's spent cooking a nice spread, then watching the game and putting everything back together.
This Super Bowl Sunday, though, was a little bit different. We were trying to put together our own show, getting as many people involved along the way as possible.
So, with the help of Sligo in Media, we set up in the corner and started broadcasting across the internet.
A couple of hours into it, we knew this was a daunting task. With our panel of experts - Jack McCaffery, Bob Grotz and Anthony SanFilippo - we went head first into a long day.
Ever try to talk for five hours straight? Ever try to figure out a topic that might or might not be interesting?
I have a renewed respect for those talk radio guys who go through the night without any calls.
Now, on to the next one...

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Don't get bullying

Good Morning and welcome to the next big thing!

You know, I've never understood bullying. I'll probably never understand the pack mentality of picking on somebody because they are smaller, different or whatever.
To any logical thinking person, the whole concept is a little beyond scope.
Really, does it make you feel better to pick on somebody? Does it somehow enhance your life to hurt somebody?
You would hope those arrested in Upper Darby yesterday sat in the jail cell and thought about what they did. Chances are at least a couple did, but chances are also good others still see it as no big deal.
Well, it is a big deal. Children have enough pressure on them these days, they don't need to be watching over their shoulders all day.
I've tried to teach that to my children. If somebody needs help, don't walk away, help them out. Don't pick on anybody. Don't laugh at anybody.
Remember, you wouldn't want it to happen to you.

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