Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Where would we be?

Good Morning and welcome to a snow-free zone

The subject of unions seems to be a black & white issue. You either believe worker unions have saved jobs or eliminated jobs. Unions are either the reason for the recession or the reason it didn't become a full-blown depression.
Yes, there have been some abuses in the past, but there have also been plenty of documented abuses by corporations. All people are looking for is a little protection.
Take the case in Wisconsin. The state workers aren't holding firm on a contract that was negotiated during a time of economic heaven. They are willing to concede more money (like a 15 percent increase) is going to have to be paid for health care. They are willing to concede give backs in salary and vacation time.
What they aren't willing to do is allow the state government to fire them on will. Really, shouldn't that be the right of every person.
If you are doing the job (and many of us are doing the job of two or three people these days), shouldn't you have a little protection? If you show up to work everyday and do what's expected, shouldn't you be safe? Just because you make a little more money than somebody just starting out, does that make you a bad employee?
Those who are anti-union like to point to contracts that paid some a lot to just stand around. Well, those days are over. The workforce has been thinned, let's not make it any thinner.

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