Monday, February 14, 2011

Rise and Shine ---- Here we are again

Good Morning and Happy Valentine's Day!

Also known as a good day to be a rose gardener. It is amazing how the price of flowers jumps every Feb. 14. Hey, the market drives the price, right?

Anyway, did you catch the Grammys last night? Well, when you haven't actually heard any of the songs nominated for Song of the Year, you have to expect some surprises.
One surprise the Grammy commercials kept pushing was an appearance by Bob Dylan. Well, after seeing that I can only conclude that Bob Dylan died years ago and his zombie self is now touring.
You know, with the exception of Mick Jagger's energy, it was painfully obvious none of those 'old timers' should be on stage. Remember how they were, don't taint things by putting on a bad show.
Even Jagger's voice is showing the rigors of age, but at least he can still move. By the way, how did Mick become so much skinnier?
I know these award shows, especially the Grammys, try to grab some of the older audience, but instead of having Dylan or Streisand singing, how about just having them give out awards.
That way, some of the new music can hit the spotlight. Then again, where was that?

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