Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rise and Shine -- Whistling in the cold

Good Morning and welcome to the bubble!

You know, the Upper Darby School District gets a bad rap about things. That city of a high school that sits on Lansdowne Avenue is one good one. It should have been addressed years ago, but, like most things, money got in the way.
One thing the school district has going for it is the music program. In a day and age when when school districts are taking the knife to music and art programs, it's to Upper Darby's credit the music has continued to flow.
The last two Wednesday nights I had the pleasure to attend concerts at Drexel Hill Middle School. Last week was the chorus, this week was the orchestra.
To listen to middle schoolers play their violins, cellos, flutes is impressive. Knowing the time the teachers and students put into practice only makes it more impressive.
I am lucky enough to have a reason to attend these concerts. There will be a few in the elementary school coming up as well.
I just wanted to thank the district for holding firm and keeping the music alive.

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