Monday, June 14, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Go fly a kite

Good Morning and here's hoping this week is better than last!

You know, in the attempt to save some money, it's always good when you can find something free.
So, with the heat bearing down and the walls getting smaller, Saturday was a good day to head downtown for a free kite-making exercise at the Philadelphia Water Works.
Every Saturday in the shadow of the Art Museum, there are a group of artists who sit outside (it's called Art in the Open) and show their, well, art.
They also get children involved with some free activities. Saturday was kite day.
So, we piled into the van and made the trek down.
The children made kites out of newspaper. They were able to paint them, string them and run around with them. OK, so they didn't actually fly high, but that wasn't the point.
Just being able to see the pure enjoyment of them running around trying to get it off the ground made up for everything else.
That's what we all need to find. We need to fly more kites.

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