Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Getting there

Good Morning and welcome to the middle of the week!

So, the big hubbub yesterday was the video of the child seemingly drinking a beer during the Phillies game.
The tot was captured in the background as the camera focused on Phillies shortstop Juan Castro. Here is the video:

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OK, so the boy picked up the beer bottle and appeared to be drinking something (or at least prentending). The only reason it was seen on the video is because the family had some pretty good tickets.
Most likely, this happens throughout the stadium every game. Our first thought is to vilify the parents, but, really, we should first find out the whole story.
I'm sure there have been times in everybody's house where a child picks up an empty beer bottle and pretends to drink. The bottle is quickly taken away and then they get a lecture about the evils of drinking (or something like that).
If the boy actually drank the beer, there should be ramifications. If it's not as it appears, let's just let it fall away.

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