Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Blame game

Good Morning and welcome to the cool before the heat!

So, the President came out Tuesday night and said BP will have to pay big bucks during and after the gulf oil spill.
Well, whoopdedoo (for lack of a better word). So, BP will write a check and all will be forgotten. Meanwhile, the oil companies will continue to polute our oceans and food then go on and roll in the profits.
Now is the time for somebody (be it government or us) to step up and say, "Enough."
Find a new way now or we are all going to start riding our bikes or taking the train. The more we let these oil companies do what they want, the more of these 'oops' things are going to happen.
Somebody might say, 'Yeah, but BP will never be the same.'
OK, maybe, but what about Exxon. Remember when the Valdez crashed off the coast of Alaska and dumped oil all over the place? Many said they would never by Exxon gas again.
Well, 20 years later it's the biggest oil company in the world.
So, we can't forget and we have to make these companies accountable in ways more than money.
Then again, maybe that's all there is.

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