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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rise and Shine --- Music

Good Morning and it sounds like another day better spent in bed!

So, I was sitting in the living room this past weekend listening to some music when the 8-year old said, "Can't you put on something good?"
Good? This is The Who. I'd think they are pretty good.
"I don't like it. Put something else on!"
Nah. That's all right. We'll listen to this for awhile.
"That's it! I'm going in my room to listen to something I like!"

Well, I guess we've hit that mark. I remember sitting my room listening to music. I had an old clock/radio and it pulled in the stations fine. Sometimes, I would read while listening. Sometimes I would just listen.
The boys don't seem to have much interest in music right now. Video games are holding their attention. Actually, they don't know Ozzy Osbourne, but know one of his songs is used on Madden.
I pulled out an old radio for the 8-year old to listen to 'her music.'
It was actually some of the same, but I could hear her dancing to the beat through the ceiling (not Dancing on the Ceiling)
Soon, she was going through my CD collection.
"Can I put some of these on."
Sure, anything you would like.
Soon, this was coming through the door:


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