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Monday, October 7, 2013

Putting on the AC

Good Morning and how about that summer?

OK, I've had enough.
It's one thing if I were living in San Diego or Phoenix. At least there, I could wrap my mind around the heat.
Maybe if I was living in Los Angeles or Las Vegas, I would relish the fact I would like to be swimming in a pool in October.
Maybe if I was living in Texas ... OK, never mind about that.
Anyway, I've had enough of this heat. Yes, I like the summer. Yes, it would be OK with me if we stayed warm all year. Still, when you expect the weather to change, it better change.
I broke down Saturday and turned on the air conditioner. I felt like a wimp turning it on in October, but the heat was too much.
Looks like we are getting a change this week. So that will be good.
Now, I can keep the complaining to a minimum until it starts to snow.


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