Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Knock it down already

Good Morning and welcome to another day to battle a cold!

You know, when you are going through one of these late fall/early winter head colds, it seems like you will never get healthy. Then, in a couple days, it will be forgotten. Most of us are lucky that way.
By the way, think Ed Snider is getting enough bang for his buck with this whole Spectrum thing? It's been over two years since the story was broken HERE.
We've seen them sell off the seats. We've seen them sell off the floor. We've seen them sell off the gum stuck between the steps.
Enough already! At least today it will be over when the wrecking ball hits the arena.
Sure, there were some iconic Philadelphia sports and concert events at the Spectrum. A lot of us, myself included, attended their first 'big' events at the arena.
I remember Flyers games as a child (back when you could actually afford to take a family to a Flyers game), several concerts (Fleetwood Mac, Boston, Billy Joel, Springsteen and more), but I won't exactly shed a tear when it comes down.
Hey, people, it's just a building. What's the big deal.

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