Monday, November 22, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Today's the day

Good Morning and somehow we are only a few days for Thanksgiving!

In a lot of houses, this week is a bit hectic. There's cooking. There's cleaning. There's more cooking. There's a visit from family and friends. Then there's epic cleaning.
While that's all well and good and a lot of fun, this week also brings some other sunshine to my house.
Well, the sunshine is there most days, but this week is a little brighter.
"Hey, girl, you have to stay 5. I don't care if it is your birthday, I don't want you getting any older."
First comes the look, then this: "Daddy. I'm a big girl. I'm not 5. I'm 6."
"No, no no. You are growing much too fast. You have to stay 5 for another year."
That's when the laughter fills the room, the other room, the whole house.
Sure, you can turn 6 today. Just keep spreading that sunshine.
Happy Birthday.

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