Monday, November 1, 2010

Rise and Shine --- It's not cold. It's Halloween.

Good Morning and welcome to November!

Yes, it's November. Yes, the year is going too quickly. Yes, it's getting chilly outside.
Last night, it was downright cold. For some reason, though, the cold didn't seem to matter to some. It could have been blowing snow and sleet, but, on Halloween anyway, the cold was just a minor nusience.

So, after opening the door for the first trick-or-treater, it became obvious I had to pull on the jacket and the sweater.
Then, I looked over to the Spider Princess and said, "It's cold outside. You might want to put some long pants on under your dress."
"Daddy," the princess, ruffling her nose, said. "It's not cold. It's Halloween."
Knowing it was a battle I wasn't going to win at that moment, I retreated.
"OK, sweetie. But if you get cold while walking around, remember I told you to put long pants on."
The princess didn't care. So, along with a detective, a Clone Trooper and a techno rocker, the search for candy was on. After the second stop at home to clear the bags, it was time to take a break.
Taking a break on Halloween meant eating some of the candy while trying to get trick-or-treaters to come over.
About an hour later, I figured I would ask the question. "Hey, ready to put on some long pants? The dress is nice, but you must be getting cold."
In a voice only a 5-year old going on 13 can muster came the replay.
"Daddy. I told you. It's not cold, it's Halloween. Can we go walk around again?"

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