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Monday, October 3, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Taking a tour

Good Morning and welcome to the beginning of another long week!

As the minutes ticked away while not being able to fall asleep last night, I kept thinking "I could have gone to bed at 10 and it wouldn't have made any difference."
That's what happens when you stick through a Phillies playoff game that stretches past midnight and is one of those frustrating games the Phillies always seem to play.
Well, at least the rest of the weekend (despite trying to battle through an early-Fall cold) was busy but fun.
It all started Friday morning when I was invited by one of the bloggers, Chef Jacquie (CHECK OUT her web site here), to take her culinary tour of the Italian Market.
Now, I've been to South Philly's Italian Market. I like to get down there maybe once a month or so to pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables.
This tour was a little more, though. There was history (one of the businesses had been there since the early 1900s), there were stories (one shop was opened in the 1930s when a competing shop wouldn't let workers take a day off Jan. 1) and there was food. Lots and lots of food.
We started out with a caramel and chocolate covered apple, followed with a couple of different cheeses, a cheesesteak, a hoagie, pizza and finished with cannolis.
Now, I have to figure out when I can get back.

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