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Monday, October 10, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Oh boy, what a day at the beach

Good Morning and welcome to another blue Monday!

The best thing about having these warm, sunny October days is you can ignore such a pathetic performance by Philadelphia sports teams.
Truth be told, if I wasn't in the office yesterday, I would have found something better to do than watch the Eagles.
Anyway, I was here, having left Ocean City, N.J., early Sunday morning. With the sun gleaming off the water, that was no easy task.
Even though we went through a warm summer with plenty of sunny days, it's something special when that weather sits around for a weekend in October.
Sure, the cold air will be here soon. That's going to happen in Pennsylvania. It's not like we were suddenly transferred to San Diego or something.
So, we enjoyed the weekend and will enjoy the next couple of days before the rain comes in to ruin the party.
For now, though, we can only dream.

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