Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rise and Shine --- World gone to pot

Good Morning and how come it seems like every team can hit except the Phillies come playoff time?

So, a neighbor A didn't like what Neighbor B was doing on his own property. Neighbor A becomes so enraged, he kills Neighbor B.
Uh, OK. Sure, that's the logical conclusion. Get your gun and shoot down somebody you don't like. Of course, we need to have said guns handy in case aliens attack or some such ... stuff.
The more I see this kind of stuff happening, the less I can listen to gun right's advocates make their argument.
I've seen neighbors do plenty of annoying things. I've had neighbors make a lot of noise. I've been so annoyed with neighbors that I looked out the window to make sure they weren't there before I left the house.
Getting a gun and shooting them dead? Never once ever crossed my mind.
Now, I believe most people have that ability to differentiate between crazy and sane. There is a large group that can not, though.
So, next time somebody tells me they need a gun in the house, I'll give them a feather.

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