Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rise and Shine --- It's not even winter yet?

Good Morning and welcome to the next day in the long, drawn out winter!

Seriously, does anybody really like winter. Sure, it looks nice when the snow falls the first time. There are opportunities to build snowmen, have snowball fights and go sledding.
After about an hour, it's back inside to warm the toes. While children get hyped up when the snow starts coming down, what do they do the rest of the time.
The last few years, the snow has been light and the cold has been, well, cold. So, that means a lot of time spent in the house, in the car or in the mall.
Three big problems there when it comes to children.
1. After spending one day in the house, they want to spread out. The walls aren't going to keep them from going crazy. They jump into the walls. Jump off the couch and are only calm when watching television or sleeping.
2. In the car, the space is even more cramped. They touch, make faces, make noises and do whatever else they can to annoy each other. And that's the good times. Factor in winter coats and more traffic and there's a recipe for disaster.
3. When you get to the mall (or any store really), it's like a giant playground. They slide down the aisles. Knock off the clothes (as I've recently found out, most adults do this as well) and cause a headache. Then they want a new toy or a candy bar or something, anything. Just buy something.
So, the bottom line is we can have winter for about a month. Let's keep using our cars, spray cans and anything else so winter can be limited to mid-December until mid-January.
Then bring out the sun. The flowers. The beach chairs.
What? It's not even winter yet? That doesn't start until Dec. 21?
We're doomed.
Well, at least we can watch this to pass the time:

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