Friday, December 5, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Let the lights shine

Good Morning and welcome to the sun rise!

While waiting for school to let out yesterday, the talk was about Holiday lights and time and weather. You know, the usual small talk.
Anyway, it got me thinking. Sure, it's cold outside, but those twinkling little lights sure make things seem a little better. Think about it, you are out driving, the heat hasn't kicked in yet and, out of the dark, comes a house with some snowflakes blinking at you. Suddenly, all is right with the world (really?) thanks to a couple of lights.
Our decorator prefers white lights to the multi-colored versions. Either way, it makes things look nice.
After pulling out the lights the other morning and spending most of the next two days untangling the strands, then finding out which stupid light is causing half the strand to go dark, the lights started to go up.
Sure, it gives PECO a nice boost in December, but it still is a little bit of sunshine in an otherwise dark winter.
So, let in the light.
By the way, you can upload a photo of your lights to our online slide show, just CLICK HERE and upload the photo or video. You can also e-mail the photo to
Come on, get in the spirit. Give us the shots so we can all drive by.

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